5 zpsob, like uet na danch and zamstnanci

You can dream about something, even if you don’t do business. It happens with the so-called tax returns.

Most people are responsible for people with incomes over 31,000 crowns, who belong to the highest 32 percent tax dog. Even with the average wage, the left is not negligible 25 percent.

If the employer pays for the tax, you must submit tax documents to him by 15 February 2008 at the latest. When handing over the tax yourself, attach the documents to it. You will always need a confirmation, you do not have to submit a single contribution to charity, you should keep the receipt in case of control.

Dary a pspvky
If the two pensions for the benefit and your contributions are more than 1,000 crowns, you can deduct them from the tax base. In total, you can reduce the value of the gift by a maximum of 10 percent of your tax base. In addition, it will precisely enumerate how you must pay your pension in order to recognize your contribution. It is possible to support, for example, public fundraisers for funding science and education, culture, co-operation, police, porn protection, child protection, billion or invitations, or charitable, non-profit and educational organizations, or political movements. Issue a donor’s contract or a gift certificate from the recipient. The documents and the recipient of the gift must be stated in the documents.

Pklad: hunter with an average salary of 21,462 crowns (ie in the tax dog 25 percent), who for charity for the year d 1,200 crowns, the tax of the tax base of 300 crowns per year.

Blood crumbs
The donation of blood and its components, ie plasma, platelets or bone day, is considered a gift to medical professionals. If you receive free blood, you are entitled to a reduction of the income tax base of 2,000 crowns for each collection. How much you can wear in this way does not limit your health. Mui can donate blood 4x ron and women only 3x ron. If you donate only certain components of blood, it is more likely to be donated. The condition for crushing is not only healthy, but in the age of 18 to 65 years and the weight of you is not 50 kilograms. Don’t forget to take the confirmation of collection.

Pklad: woman with an average wage, which gave a toll of blood, a tax of 1,500 crowns a year.

Pension pipojitn
You can dream of the tax base from the balance, which you will then add in the pension supplement over 6,000 crowns, but only up to the limit of 18,000 crowns. In total, by about 12,000 crowns, also from the point of view of taxes, it is best to save 1,500 crowns per month. They automatically send tax-confirmed pension funds to all their clients.

Pklad: a hunter with an average wage, who pays 1,500 crowns a month for a supplementary pension, accounts for 3,000 crowns a year.

life insurance
The tax deposit can be reduced by 12,000 crowns, which you pay for life insurance. The condition is that you negotiate the contract for at least 5 years and at the same time until the year when you will be 60 years old. You can only leave the amount you pay for life insurance, or a one-time surcharge and disability will not be deducted. The insurance company always confirmed at the end of the year, where the contact is accurately sent, which you can deduct from taxes.

Pklad: hunter with an average wage, who now pays 500 crowns for insurance, accounts for a tax of 1,500 crowns per year.

years from vr to living
The tax base can also be spent for years from the financing of housing needs. These are mortgages, including pedhypotenches, and vry from the building network, including hell. You can leave for up to 300,000 crowns, this is the answer to a mortgage of about 6 million, most people take away far more. When you have a mortgage as a manual, you can either divide the amount paid for the year, or apply the entire amount to only one of vs. This year, for the last time, it is appropriate for the one you pay for to apply. Due to the fact that you only have to provide the original confirmation and the banks will send only one, if you will last for years, have the confirmation confirmed in general or by a notebook.

Pklad: lovk, kter d to rocch 48,000 K ron, uet to data 12,000 K.

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