According to the poverty index, they are doing great. Year 2018 oima analyst

The Czech economy is also doing well with Czech households and family finances. And it will continue in 2018. Such is the prediction of Czech economists, who addressed Wages will rise, companies will be willing to offer you a wage and inflation will probably bite them just like this year. But there will be no one. It’s time to think about the back drill.

Helena Horsk, Chief Economist of Raiffeisenbank: Mme is great. Ideal time to think about the rear drill

Analyst Helena Horsk, Chief Economist of Raiffeisenbank

The Czech economy is growing, we hear it from all sides. As m oban, we hear a little. But mm good at first: we have a great time, like never before.

Bnho obana, spe ne daju o rstu nrodohospodskho produktu sp zajm, jak m on sm. If I work for which it is adequately paid, whether the prices of popular goods and food are not growing fast. In this case, two things are of particular interest: 1. low unemployment and the related wage growth, and 2. low living costs, measured by the consumer price index. The so-called hard data are dry but objective.

Poverty index as of November 2017

Poverty index as of November 2017

The objectivity of hard data is also based on the so-called misery index, in addition the poverty index. The level of unemployment and inflation. Both of these variables directly affect how citizens are afraid. Of course it’s a very simplified give. Financial and economic well-being is affected by many other factors (from the very growth of wages and to the degree of maturity of our disputes), but these two simple data are the basis of much. When we do not work, we will not be flattered by wage growth in the economy. Likewise, the daily consumer does not increase the prices of food and consumer goods, and you need a year rate on deposits of 2% or 10% ron. So to complicate a simple pointer dalmi daji?

According to the poverty index, they are doing great. Mme clings to anyone in Europe. Even in an international comparison, we are at a very low rate due to very low unemployment. Although the last month, the rise in food prices has been a long time, but we are still busy. This is also proved by mkk as a survey of the mood among consumers, which is that consumers were never optimistic in the Czech Republic.

And for five years we’ll be able to go a little lpe, when the Czech National Bank reports the growth of consumer prices in the reins and in the framework of measures in favor of the stability of the banking sector also contribute to the reduction of real estate prices. Companies will go more intensively to look for new employees and will be willing to offer not only your salary, but also some interesting employee benefits.

In 2018, according to our estimates, the average wage will increase by more than 7%, after inflation, our purchasing power will increase by 5% (most since 2003). Conservative investors will see a slightly higher year of their deposits thanks to the Czech National Bank, which will gradually raise rates. On the contrary, those who invested in bonds years ago should rather shift their investments to other assets. But beware of the still very popular real estate and land, which are near pedraen. So I’m not a fan of cryptocurrencies, which remind me to quickly swell a bubble.

It’s time to think about the back drill. dn rst n perman vn. Gold times are ideal for creating reserves. This will set them forward to the new year! Take it, and it’s 2018 happy and spn!

Petr Dufek, SOB analyst: The results for family finances in 2018 are favorable

SOB analyst Petr Dufek

From the point of view of family finances, the year 2018 should be one of the most pleasant. It is very likely that the trend of increasing the life of the population will continue, both due to the rapid growth of wages and salaries, as well as due to the persistence of high employment. The company still does not have enough employees, and given that the labor market is exhausted, there is nothing else for them to own, not to increase wages, in order to get new employees or at least to keep the existing ones. And just as this year’s people could grow faster with their incomes, he is eminently interested in the market.

Zatmco wages in five years are likely to grow faster, inflation will bite them about the same as this year. The only difference will be in what we pay for more. If this year it is mainly food, in the first year it will be inhabited. After all, this year we will record a record increase in real estate prices, which over time will be abraded even in dramatic rent. In addition, you have to deal with high energy prices. It will be seen in households that have not used the opportunity to fix prices on them equal. The prices of energy forces have risen from their lows by tens of percent, so you will have to pay off when you pay your invoices in 2018. Unfortunately, this will not be a double-digit increase, but only a few percent.

The same goes for a period of record low years of rates has ended. As the NB began to raise rates over the years, years of new and refixed mortgages began to rise in the market. According to her and the forecast, the power of the central bank is far from over, so you will have to keep up with it for years to come. This is why the choice between short-term and long-term mortgage rates will become more important for households. With the renewed change of policy, however, not only expensive, but gradually the renewed attractiveness of savings and term deposits will begin to grow again. How fast and how much is given, given the record surplus of free pensions in the economy, if not impossible to estimate.

Dky veobecn konjunktue by rok 2018 ml pt i investicmHowever, furnaces will only find you really interesting when we take into account how expensive real estate, stocks, some bonds, commodities, etc. are. The rule of common sense should therefore apply to this rather than looking at growing charts from the past. At the same time, we should not omit the risks of such baldness; especially at a time when foreign financial markets are at risk. It is one way to ensure that guaranteed investment does not become a return on investment.

Pavel Sobek, Chief Economist of UniCredit Bank: What about family finances in 2018?

analyst Pavel Sobek, chief economist of UniCredit Bank

In 2018, households expect to secure more than half of the growth of the Czech economy with their increased consumption. Can they handle it?

Their earnings will play into their cards. Nominal growth in the average wage is expected to increase even faster than this year and is likely to exceed 7%. True, the distribution of the percentage finger among the employees may be uneven against the flight. Public sector employees have the same, their salaries increase at an extraordinary, double – digit rate. In sfe companies, due to the exhausted labor market, employees pull when negotiating wages for part of the rope, but only where companies will have outside. Cases of relocation of production, limited product portfolios and replaced human labor machines will increase. The result will be movements in the labor market, which will require some flexibility from employees in the industry in particular.

Inflation cuts households’ wages by about the same length as this year, ie a little over two percent, which will not be critical for their ability to increase their consumption. Inflation will mainly be driven by food. But the cause of inflation will take over and that inflation will take over. The price of housing will increase a little more this year due to the exchange and exchange of electricity.

What will households with their disposable income spend for? As is usual in times of rising wages, you will be interested in the remaining goods, especially goods and services associated with recreation, but also in the objects of long-term consumption in general. A significant increase in household income abroad will help me improve the economy of popular tourist destinations.

Every coin has two sides, and even for family finances, not all circumstances will be positive. He gets into an unusual situation roughly sto tisc domcnost, which in 2018ek refixace hypotky. Due to the growth of rates, it is likely that most of them will apply in a year. In most cases, the difference between init msn had hundreds of crowns, but who arranged for you to refix for two years two years ago, will probably be pleasantly surprised in the new installments. On the contrary, monks will come to the world, who will develop in the pursuit of tenths of a percent a year on savings tech. Progressing the increase in NB rates to banks space to make the offer a year. Some banks will raise the thrown glove in 2018.

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