Ani rekordy nepitahuj investory

Despite the fact that the house, especially the house, has been very successful lately, the house is still struggling to invest these risky assets. This is also proved by the statistics of equity funds, which are performing well, but the money from them is still declining (or is it because of that?).

Last week, he was in the US stock markets due to the election of the president, still discussing the results of the season and falling oil prices. The start of the week was mainly influenced by the falling price of oil, which fell for a second week and the horse managed to get below the $ 50 per barrel mark.

But then the presidential candidates began to add. The biggest fear of a possible balanced fight was honored in ter. However, the election results showed that these concerns were unfounded and satisfaction with their results was reflected in rising stock prices and the index. At the end of Thursday and on Friday, there were good macroeconomic results (especially the creation of 337,000 new jobs was well above the bottom) and nothing prevented all three major indices to end the week sharply in the red (DJIA + 3.57% , Nasdaq + 3.24%, S&P + 3.28%). A similar development, very strongly influenced by the day on the American markets, had the prices of action in Europe.

The period of excessive optimism continues on the stock market crash, and thus several long-term records were set. The arrest of the week was mainly due to the shares of EZ and Zentiva, and Philip Morris began to be active. In this case, good times began for the shares of banks, especially Erste, which strengthened by 5% in connection with the Austrian market. Komern banka, which started attacking the 3200 K level, did not let itself be ashamed either.

On Wednesday, it was in weak activity, but the bird again started the activity of the Philip Morris share, which, due to the ranks of the company’s society, exceeded the limit of 15

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500 K. In addition to the shares of Erste Bank (1153 K) and EZu (288 K), both main indices reached a record high, PX-D at 2331.6 points (week + 3.35%) and PX 50 at 940.9 point (week + 3.19%). The index of the over-the-counter RM-System PX 30 regularly reaches record values ​​in recent weeks, which this time strengthened by 3% to 1312 points.

spn were globln funds

The results on the equity markets were also reflected in the performance of domestic funds, especially equity funds. The fund, which does not specialize in individual sectors, is the most successful, but they are oriented globally. For me, there was a specialized fund, as evidenced by the funds of PI. Equity funds fell much in the statistics of certain weekly sales, and the fund ran a total of 3.1 million K. The sales of the ISS Sporotrend fund (+7.8 million CZK) did not help either; 8 mil K).

The current situation in the bond market does not overwhelm much, funds specializing in this

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they have a kind of average week behind them. Leaving aside the unfavorable development in certain sales (76.4 million CZK per week decreased from bond funds), which has recently been the case, a foreign-oriented fund, fixed Central European or inbound European bonds have succeeded. On the other hand, funds that focus on domestic bonds are behind them.

Good week, at least from the point of view of performance, the fund’s funds have been behind it, the IKS Fund has lost money in certain sales (-3.8 million CZK). Quite a week after the performance, the funds of the shift are behind them. sales sales – and with exceptions – were not good (a total of -70.3 million K) and the situation was saved by the Max Worlds Guaranteed Fund.

The money market fund has succeeded in performance and especially in certain sales. However, this has not been the most significant news in recent weeks.

Trading according to UNIS

Type of fundThe bestThe worst
Nzev fondAs a resultNzev fondAs a result
SharesISS-SPOROTREND2,86%PI new economy0,72%
PI globl. znaek2,80%PI rop. a energ.1,13%
SOB stock mix2,77%PI farm. a biotech.1,42%
Bondsivnobanka-Nadan0,50%SOB-Bond Mix-0,19%
ISS-TRENDBOND0,41%SOB-Kvanto kor. bonds-0,13%
IKS Plus bondov0,34%ISS-BONDINVEST-0,12%
Funds fundISS-GLOBALTREND2,67%
ICS Fund Fund2,17%
Pennho MarketISS SPOROINVEST0,06%IKS Penn trh0,04%
SOB entries0,05%PI Penn0,03%
SmenIKS Balancovan.1,83%MAX-svtov guarantee-0,20%
UNDER Kilov.1,53%J&T Opportunity SKK-0,02%
ISS-SPOROMIX 51,40%AKRO rules. dividend0,00%
is sales of mil. KISS-SPOROINVEST104,3SOB-Kvanto kor. bonds-31,2
MAX – svt. guarantor.61,8ISS-SPOROBOND-15,9
IKS Penn trh21,5IKS Bonds-11,7

Zdroj: UNIS

ING is to be acted upon

Of the ING funds, the best sales for the week were recorded by the ING esk equity fund, the CAP fund with sales of CZK 7.2 million, and the ING Slovak Bond Fund with sales of 5.9 million K. In total, ING funds recorded sales in vi 14.9 million K.

KBC’s funds also recorded positive sales, for a total of 393.8 million K in the past week. +191.8 million CZK). In second place was the secured fund SOB Svtov strom 2 with net sales of 72.7 million K.

How about the constant growth of Czech stocks? Do you em em develop this long-term perspective? Try to get out of this situation yourself? Drink to you.


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