Are you under the influence of copper?

If the influence of investment professionals on the investor and his mind is rather negative, the media have an influence. The role of copper has grown sharply in recent decades as their range and transmission speed have grown at first. This fact brings with it a pin of positives, but so a number of negatives. Most of them have a commercial character and this is what their breeding breeds.

At the end of the 1990s, CNBC’s ratings, which mainly focused on financial markets and investments, shifted to CNN. From a commercial point of view, it is a huge rush, but the impact on the breeding and breeding people that CNBC follows is quite detrimental to the city. In order for CNBC to secure and maintain high ratings, it must strive to be very attractive. and so several ways.

For the first, from each, even the least or insignificant at first long important thing. It thus distorts the real essence of things. Viewers then have a distorted notion of what is essential and what is not, thus limiting their ability to work with information and make the right decisions. Secondly, CNBC tries to give the impression to its savage and thus real or potential investors that they need to be constantly monitored so that they do not accidentally drink something important, it leads them to think in a very short way. investinch horizontech if pli astm transactions. For these, he tries to evoke rather unfounded optimism than realism. Optimism is due to prod. This, of course, leads to unrealistic real investors and their irrational breeding. CNBC pin a lot of very high quality information and is probably the best mass medium for investment. Unfortunately, the source of the source from the intimate exchange of the station brings with it a pin and harmful elements. Of course, this is not just CNBC, but I also have other copper, and image or titles.

At the same time, they often think of more links, which affect the mood of the whole investor. In the late 1990s, lines describing rushes appeared in the press

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ordinary investors in recent years and gave the impression that the investment is very easily associated with virtually certain risks. For such links, the most paid are inexperienced and inexperienced investors, who usually, out of ignorance of things and meet the crowd for the current support in the public, engage in investment in the worst times. At the time of the market decline, on the other hand, the media is indifferent to the surrounding mood and the remaining pessimism. This only increases the amplitude of the moving market to areas away from their intrinsic values.

Of course, similar breeding copper is nothing new. Just remember the famous Everybody Ought to Be Rich link from the 1929 Ladies Home Journal. The link made a very simple calculation. input from the event and forgot to change my risks. After a big stock market crash a long time later, the flax became very popular. In 1999, a Weekly article with a similar name was published in the USA, including How to (Really) Get Rich in America. The market started its big land in 2000.

In 1979, on the other hand, Business Week brought the famous line The Death of Equities. According to this link, the shares of u belonged only to history and the people will invest in only in the future pennho market, a franchise of fast food and rare brands. The cheap stock market considered the link as proof that the shares are forgotten and doomed to investment as an investment. Tm vzpt started the market basically not over twenty years of growth. Newspapers are a people like everyone else. And as such, of course, they can make mistakes. Compared to investment professionals, their knowledge of the market and experience with investments are usually lower. Nevertheless, they give them a bag in which their lines or views appear, add a mark of officiality and a sticker of correctness. To consider the opinions in the media as correct and to follow them only thanks to the medium and prestige of the media is a manifestation of representativeness.

V dobch from trhu and especially at a time when the market is fierce and when investor optimism knows no borders, book publications usually appear to unconditionally support investment in the event and ignore historical contexts and relationships and related risks. It is interesting that even very experienced investors lose considerable optimism

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abandoned investment theorists. One treasure for all. James Glassman and Kevin Hasset published srii lnk in the Wall Street Journal in 1998 and 1999.

In them, they claimed that investors are much better educated due to the media and the development of the collective investment industry. Thanks to that, according to them, they will invest in reversal, e diversified portfolios are not risky and the shares bear much better returns, which was not originally expected. The series was followed by the same author’s book Dow 36,000: The New Strategy for Profiting from the Coming Rise in the Stock Market. In this book, among other things, I state that there is a reasonable cl for the value indexu Dow Jones at the level of 36,000 is the end of 2005, but I have many two. The book’s idea that stocks are not risky and that large profits can be quickly made if invested right away, the other two do not tend to point out that stocks are risk-free is very detrimental. At the time this book was published, in the middle of 1999, the value of the Dow Jones index was around 11,000 points. In 2003, when these series, the index has a value of about 9,600 points.

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