As a drink you must have to get a mortgage

Do you have any idea how high your income must be in order to think about a mortgage? For example, a mortgage in the amount of 1.4 million crowns with a twenty-year maturity can now be obtained with a net income of less than 14,000 crowns. If there are any significant requirements of individual banks for the creditworthiness of the applicant for vr?

In order to get at least a certain idea, we presented the bank with a theoretical model of the example.

Rear model treasure

Those interested in mortgages want to buy a newly built apartment in Prague for 2 million crowns. He will use only this apartment as a building, theoretically assuming that its building value will be the same as the purchase price (it is a new building). He wants to apply for a mortgage in the amount of 1.4 million crowns (70% of the value of the mortgaged property), 600 thousand crowns has been charged. This was chosen with regard to the fact that the average number of mortgages currently provided is first between 1.4 1.5 million crowns. The applicant for a mortgage is risk averse, so he chose a five-year fixation and wants to spread the payment over a period of twenty years.

Profile data for hypoten vr

We have chosen two different applicants for the above list:

A / individual, 30 years, i is sm ao vr d sm
B / young manel with one child up to six years

In both cases, these are employees (not self-employed) who have no other ties, no other payments or vry. We also do not consider the payment of insurance premiums for insurance real estate, which the client will have to pay. As far as life insurance is concerned, the day from the mentioned bank does not require it.

How to get them?

As mly banky urit gives

1 / Choose a suitable product for the client for him (We excluded combined products, ie a combination of a mortgage with a life insurance.)

2 / Determine the number of years that this client would probably receive. It was determined that the client is not creditworthy and his income is close to the lower limit of the required minimum income. The requirement was that the bank did not state at least one year rate (from), unless it was guaranteed by a client for all clients.

3 / Uvst for the given rate vi msn installments. (The tables show the installments for standard annuity payments, when they are constant throughout.)

4 / Determine the minimum certain monthly income that the mortgage applicant must prove in order for the bank to provide it. In the case of managers, it is the sum of their income.

Results provided by individual banks

All the data given, ie the fixed years of the rate, the number of installments and the urns in income, were provided by the banks, which are thus responsible for their correctness. The first table shows the specific product that the bank has chosen for our applicants, together with the corresponding annual rate. The SOB, Hypoten banka and ivnobanka, which need detailed data to determine the specific rate, did not comply with any (if the actual annual rate was determined). Their results are therefore valid only for a minimum annual rate, and therefore in practice many clients receive the rate you. In the case of GE Money Bank and S, on the other hand, the rates are guaranteed, ie all clients get them without distinction.

The results are sorted by installment, ie by the last column.

Bank-selected products for the specific back payment – determined by the installment amount
Bank-selected products for the specific back payment – sorted by the installment amount
Bankthe product selected by the bankyears rate – fixation 5 yearsin spltky (K)
esk spoitelna – manelNovomanelsk mortgage4,39%5 599*
ivnobanka *Hypoten vr elov residenn4,29%8 699
GE Money BankHypotka GE Money Bank4,34%8 737
UNDER*UNDER 70% Hypotka4,35%8 744
Hypoten banka *Standardn hypotka do 70 %4,35%8 744
HVB BankMajordomus HIT4,31%8 761
Wstenrot hypoten bankaHypotka Wstenrot4,39%8 774
Komern bankHypoten vr Klasik do 70%4,44%8 812
VolksbankHypoten vr from Volksbank CZ4,44%8 858
eBankaHypotka Standard4,65%8 971
esk spoitelna – individualHypotka esk spoitelny4,59%8 976
RaiffeisenbankHypotka Klasik up to 70%4,86%9 131

Source: Banks
* Note: Unlike other banks, SOB, Hypoten banka and ivnobanka stated only the minimum rate, ie from; S – Novomanelsk mortgage: for the first 5 years the salary is reduced by installments. Nap. for fixation for 5 years in installments of 3,999 K for 1 million crowns of the mortgage, ie for 1.4 million outstanding installments of 5,599 K. It is intended for spouses and free care workers. The condition is up to 36 years.

For both types of applicants, the selected products are always the same, with the exception of esk spořitelna, which has offered a suitable Novomanelská mortgage instead of a standard product. In the first years, installments are fulfilled. If we disregard this special case, then we see that the various payments of clients of different banks will not be different. The difference between the lowest and the highest installment is only 432 crowns, although the differences in the annual rates seem to be quite significant. In practice, according to you, you need to pay a fee for keeping it, at present it is most often between 100 and 150 crowns.

And potebnho pjmu

The following two tables show how high a mortgage applicant must have with a given parameter. The first states the results for individual applicants, the second for manele. are arranged according to the income.

With a minimum net income: mortgage 1.4 million CZK, maturity 20 years, 30% down payment
With a minimum net income: mortgage 1.4 million CZK, maturity 20 years, 30% down payment
min. ist pjem (K)Bank
13 807GE Money Bank
15 458Volksbank
15 500UNDER*
15 500Hypoten banka *
15 660Wstenrot hypoten banka
16 000ivnobanka *
17 000Komern bank
17 214eBanka
18 000esk spoitelna – individual
18 263Raiffeisenbank
22 000HVB Bank

Source: Banks
* Note: SOB, Hypoten banka and ivnobanka stated that, unlike other banks, they only give data for a minimum annual rate, ie from

At GE Money Bank, self-applicants would receive an income of less than CZK 14,000. The highest creditworthiness requirements of the mortgage applicant m HVB Bank. The difference between HVB and GE is not more than 8,000 crowns. If we separate these two extreme results from the others, we will find out that the results of the remaining banks are still different from each other, with a maximum difference of 2,800 crowns.

With a minimum net income: mortgage 1.4 million CZK, maturity 20 years, 30% down payment
With a minimum net income: mortgage 1.4 million CZK, maturity 20 years, 30% down payment
manel s dttem do esti let
min. ist pjem (K)Bank
18 263Raiffeisenbank
18 500esk spoitelna – manel
19 587GE Money Bank
20 890UNDER*
20 890Hypoten banka *
21 758Volksbank
22 000Komern bank
22 000ivnobanka *
22 935Wstenrot hypoten banka
23 214eBanka
27 000HVB Bank

Source: Banks
* Note: Unlike other banks, SOB, Hypoten banka and ivnobanka have only given a minimum annual rate, ie from

It is clear from the type of table that a man with a young child is better than individuals when assessing creditworthiness. The sum of their two income certainly does not have to be double. Even where the income is set for individuals, it is based on the income required of the husband (again, if we disregard the above-standard requirements of HVB Bank). And that, in addition to himself, he must live and he should. Banks generally take in the weight and even the subsistence minimum when assessing creditworthiness. But it certainly doesn’t have to be the rule. For example, Raiffeisenbank will require the same minimum income of CZK 18,260 for individuals and families. It is not based on the subsistence minimum, but on the so-called service debts. Investigate the ratio of other potential debts and volumes in the defined pjmm. If the applicant has not given debts, the minimum income is the same for individuals and spouses.

Opt vm pomhme s danmi


If we want to compare banks with each other, then, for example, in both cases they belong to the other GE Money Bank, at the other end it is with its above-standard requirements of HVB Bank. In both cases, SOB and Hypoten banka thus placed in the first half of the table, but the results are given only for a minimum of rates. If we compare the required incomes of a male couple, then they are in the range of 5,000 crowns (if we omit HVB again).

And of course, it is clear that even if a mortgage applicant goes through a bank scoring and can get a mortgage, it does not mean that he can really afford it. I have to know in advance whether his income is and will be enough to have to go to something else when the mortgage is fulfilled.

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