Assets in performance funds are growing

Assets in domestic mutual funds and despite the increase in sales in June increased, thanks to a good appreciation. This has certainly been helped recently by long-term growth in the stock markets, especially in R. A week has not been an exception. The world and European markets were doing so, but five corrections sent them to the ervench sel.

Takka cel last week, the US market was marked by growth. The market was helped by the falling price of oil, which fell during the week to $ 46 per barrel. Both the Kmart and Sears retail chains and the results of Hewlett Packard were received positively.

The bird’s mood in the market changed and a drop in prices followed. The oil had a great influence on the development, as after the announcement of the Peruvian delivery from Ireland, its price rose again. Mostly negative analytical evaluation and the statement of the US central bank on the future development of the dollar exchange rate supported sales activities and markets after the time of the arrest finally ended a week in the red (DJIA -0.74%, Nasdaq -0.57% S&P 500 -1.1 %).

What will stop the growth of eskch action?

The Czech capital market is living its life and it seems that the growth in the stock market cannot stop anything. The end of the long-term record (PX 50 1001.2 points) will probably not surprise anyone, but it will be a question of how long it will continue. The arrest of the past week was marked by activity and it seemed that traders could not afford a day off.

Where to multiply pensions in a year, even ten years?

After the holiday, a bag of buyers, especially foreign orders, tore open the bag, thanks to them all titles strengthened (the shares of EZ and Zentiva strengthened the most). Both main stock market indices thus ended the week with a sharp increase (PX 50 + 4.92%, PX-D + 5.23%). The over-the-counter RM-Systm was not left behind, thus exceeding its historical highs (1393.1 points) and the PX 30 index strengthened by 3.6% in a week.

Domc funds maintain good performance

Despite the fact that the sales of domestic mutual funds only by the Union of Investment Companies (UNIS) for the month were only disputed, in the amount of K -300 million, the assets in the funds increased from 106.1 billion K to 106.3 billion K. K. This number of assets was caused by a positive appreciation of the fund for the past month. However, not all funds report sales. The inflow of pensions from clients was recorded mainly by money market funds (+905 million K) and equity funds (+76 million K). On the other hand, the largest sales were recorded by foreign exchange funds (-877 million K) and bonds (-416 million K). The fund fund (-10 mil. K) was not successful either.

The statistics of the same sales for the past week look similar. Most pensions

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money market funds (+131.4 million CZK), where the ISS Sporoinvest fund (+130.5 million CZK) contributed the most. The positive funds were recorded by equity funds (+34.2 million CZK), where the ISS fund, specifically Sporotrend (+36.1 million CZK), managed to do so again. On the other hand, pensions were lost from bond funds (-147.8 million CZK) and from the smench fund (-4.0 million CZK). In total, however, domestic funds recorded positive sales of 156.7 million K last week.

Home funds are much better off in weekly performance statistics. Only six funds ended the week with questionable performance. The PI Pharmacy and Biotechnology Fund was the worst off (-0.21%), while the funds recorded a performance of over one percent. The PI fund of the new economy was the most successful (+ 1.60%). These results are not as good as last week, but they are the result of worse results in foreign capital markets.

Trading according to UNIS

Type of fundThe bestThe worst
Nzev fondAs a resultNzev fondAs a result
SharesPI new economy1,60%PI farm. a biotech.-0,21%
SOB stock mix1,28%ISS-SPOROTREND0,00%
ivnobanka shares0,91%IKS Svtovch index0,08%
BondsISS-S korp. dluhop.0,47%IKS Plus bondov-0,20%
IKS Bonds0,38%ISS-TRENDBOND-0,01%
Funds fundISS-GLOBALTREND0,99%
ICS Fund Fund0,52%
Pennho MarketIKS Penn trh0,12%ivnobanka-Sporokonto0,03%
ISS SPOROINVEST0,06%SOB entries0,04%
PI Penn0,05%
SmenSOB wealth1,06%ivnobanka-Dynamick-0,06%
UNDER Kilov1,01%ISS-zench vnos-0,02%
J&T Opportunity CZK0,94%AKRO rules. dividend-0,01%
is sales of mil. KISS-SPOROINVEST130,5SOB Quantity korunov-114,9
ISS-SPOROTREND36,1SOB wealth-12,0
IKS Balancovan9,6IKS Bonds-11,9

Zdroj: UNIS

Last week, the KBC / SOB and ING funds also succeeded in the same sales statistics. KBC’s share funds recorded the same sales of 213.5 million K last week. The SOB Svtov strom 2 fund with certain sales of 70.7 million K was most responsible for this. On November 19, this week, however, the sale of two new hedge funds is about to begin, about which we will inform you in more detail.

Among ING’s funds, ING esk es money market fund – CAP (+13.0 million CZK) was the most successful, followed by ING esk equity fund fund – CAP (+10.9 million CZK). In total, ING’s funds recorded sales of 12.9 million K.

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