At the end of the term, the fund is not given

The stock market markets were very volatile for a week, when good corporate results were overshadowed by rising oil prices. The stock exchange started to look unpleasantly after the rocket launch. At the end of last year, even domestic funds did not take over, from which more than half a billion crowns disappeared a week later.

US stocks started the week optimistically and the indices strengthened on the first day. During the afternoon, however, uncertainty and a series of strong positive effects began to manifest themselves, affecting the markets for the rest of the week. Moreover, these factors were reflected in the decline in the event, when the largest clay producer, Alcoa, first presented unsatisfactory results. The company from the technological sector was then added to it. In that, the biggest declines were taken care of by semi-pilot titles, especially AMD, which warned against hormones, not the expected results, and at the end of the day, its biggest competitor was Intel, which was to announce the results and after the deal.

Significantly better than Intel’s expected profits started the day of the semi-radio sector, which was reflected in the deployment of the technology Nasdaq. Other markets weakened as a result of fears of bias years rates after the November trade deficit was published. Over the course of the day, bag optimism from Intel Furnace only helped the market grow.

The day brought optimism to the market by Apple’s results, which disappeared after a big increase in oil prices and the markets ended the day deep in the red. Oil also affected the markets on the last trading day of the week, with favorable macroeconomic measures eventually contributing to overall market growth, especially in technology. The biggest loss of the week was recorded by the Dow Jones index, giving the two most watched indices stagnant (DJIA -0,42 %, Nasdaq 0 %, S&P 500 -0,04 %).

Unlike the pedel week, he passed the beginning Burst stock market spe stagnac. Only the shares of EZu and Erste Bank, in which investors invest negatively, were active

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responded to the dream of investinho recommended. And on EZ and Zentiva, all the titles were in a nutshell. With the impact, the whole market weakened, but this trend did not last for some of the title and they were in the red. Komern banka was the best, and Telecom also grew after a very active business. On the contrary, correction after the previous day, EZ recorded, and after speculation with the outside privatization of prices for Unipetrol and its rejection by the management of PKN, Unipetrol also fell.

Even with high activity even in the middle of the dark, all titles weakened. Zentiva, which was recommended for investment and was not helped by the good results of last year, did the best. Opt lost EZ and after a pretty good day, Komern banka probably ended up. Thursday was affected by the first change in government to sell 16% of EZ’s shares, to which the company’s shares reacted sharply. Erste Bank suffered a big loss, while Komern banka and Zentiv succeeded. On the last day, the title was growing, EZ could boast the biggest growth after the public slump. Unipetrol and Komern banka did so. On the second day, Erste Bank fell, which was dragged down mainly by the unfavorable situation on the Austrian market. Overall, after the start of the first week, both indices in red hearing ended the week (PX-D -2,09 %, PX 50 -0,95 %).

Funds did not sweat investors

Of course, the negative development on the stock markets could not have affected the performance of the fund, especially the stock and so on. And with two exceptions (ISS Sporotrend +1,55 %, PI ropnho a energetickho prmyslu +1.10%) ztrcely vechny akciov fondy, nejvce pak fondy PI Nov economy (-3,83 %) a PI biotechnology pharmacy (-3.01%). The second most endangered group of funds were exchange funds, but there were no weekly losses and so threatening (SOB Kilov -0.54%).

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Unlike the stock market, those bonds are currently in much better shape and this can also be seen in the performance of the fund exchanged for this capital market instrument. With the exception of the fund ISS Trendbond (-0.13%) si vechny fondy pipsaly pozitivn vkonnost, nejlpe na tom byl fond IKS Bonds (+ 0.63%). Similarly, the non-declining trend is traditionally maintained by money market funds, of which the week ended the best. PI Pennho Market with vkonnost +0.09%.

The loss was one billion

Like performance, in the statistics of net sales the funds ended an infamous week and together they recorded net sales in the dispute of -610.1 million K. .4 million K). The fund is especially useful for that SOB wealth, which recorded a dispute in sales in the amount of -709.7 million K, was secondarily followed by the fund SOB Kvanto combined with net sales in the amount of -213.3 million K. In the currency ended the week so bond funds (-117, 0 mil. K) and funds fund (-1.6 mil. K).

Last week, the money market fund was the most successful with net sales in the amount of almost CZK 458 million, on which the funds have the greatest benefit. ISS Sporoinvest (+231,6 mil. K) a IKS Penn trh (+226.0 million K). In contrast to performance, the funds’ funds could at least record positive sales (+30.0 million CZK), which ended best, similarly to the ISS Sporotrend fund (+42.0 million CZK) in the performance evaluation.

Trading according to UNIS

Type of fundThe bestThe worst
Nzev fondAs a resultNzev fondAs a result
SharesISS-SPOROTREND1,55%PI Nov economy-3,83%
PI rop. a energ1,10%PI Farm a biotech.-3,01%
IKS Svtovch index-0,42%PI Globl. znaek-2,11%
BondsIKS Bonds0,63%ISS-TRENDBOND-0,13%
PI sttnch bond0,30%IKS Plus bondov0,10%
SOB Quantity korunov0,23%PI body. bond0,12%
Funds fundISS-GLOBALTREND0,47%
ICS Fund Fund-0,19%
Pennho MarketPI Pennho Market0,09%Pioneer-Sporokonto0,03%
IKS Penn trh0,05%ISS SPOROINVEST0,03%
SOB entries0,04%
SmenICS Global Conservative0,83%UNDER Kilov-0,54%
IKS Balancovan0,80%PI Smen-0,49%
AKRO mezinrodn flexi0,63%SOB trade-0,40%
is sales of mil. KISS-SPOROINVEST231,6SOB trade-709,7
IKS Penn trh.226,0SOB Quantity combined-213,3
ISS-SPOROBOND42,5SOB Quantity korunov-156,6

Zdroj: UNIS

Unlike the domestic funds in UNIS, the KBC / SOB and ING companies did not experience such significant fluctuations in certain sales, and so the week that they were able to recover from the remaining assets. The company KBC / SOB was better at it, the funds that together accounted for sales of CZK 274.6 million. The largest contributor was the fund SOB Reverzn Click 3 with certain sales of CZK 75 million. funds for the ING equity fund esk equity fund CAP in the amount of 40.7 million K. In total, ING funds recorded the same sales in the amount of 34.5 million K.

New zajitn product from ISS

Secured products have been very popular with us lately, so even Investin společnost esk spoitelny will not leave anything to chance and offer its clients a new product to arrest. This is ESPA – S Zajitn fond 3, which the company builds on the first two products from last year. The subscription period of the fund b from 17.1 to 28.2 2005 and the duration of the fund is 5 years. The fund is characterized by a low minimum entry investment (5000 K) and zero entry and entry fees. (In case of pedestrian collection, however, there is a fee of 6%). Unlike other funds, the fund’s appreciation does not depend on its development index, but on the number of 25 underlying global events covering a wide range of areas, selected by analysts at the management company Erste Sparinvest. The maximum return at the maturity of the fund is 40%, the minimum is the return on investment.

The fund operates on a click-through basis and the decisive factor for registration is stable and non-declining markets. If the day of the event does not fall by more than 26.5% during the year, the annual return will be 8%. With a decrease of one share by 26.5%, 6% will be piped, with a decrease of two 4%, with a decrease of 2% and no daily income, no decrease with a decrease of 4 or more. The amount of deposits is consumed at the end of the fund’s market.

Do you think that a great deal of interest in hedge funds will continue this year, or will investors, after good results on the stock markets, throw themselves into risky instruments? Dark on your nzory.

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