ATMs at dvno are not just vbr pension machines

Offer a number of other services. Don’t be afraid to use the ATM for other services, not just to collect pensions. And what can’t esk ATMs do?

Last week, thieves attacked Komern Bank’s ATMs. Not only clients of this condition should be concerned. In recent years, an ATM has become such a routine affair that many people omit security rules. The future is in IP cards, which are safe. But so far, separate banks do not work for them, still adding a copiable magnetic stripe, because not all traders can grow from the ip. And so the main concern for safety on clients. After all, as to Milan Ztka from Sdruen for bank cards: Any technology is attackable, but if you follow a few simple rules, you can use ATM services with ease.

The bag doesn’t bother you. Unlike a branch, an ATM has unlimited opening hours, usually you don’t have a queue, many services are free and most importantly it’s fast. The owner of payment cards can pay you vouchers through ATMs, recharge your phone and data on incl.

PIN yourself
One of the security features is the PIN. It is no exception that if you do not remember, make a note of it directly on the card. And that’s a challenge for thieves. Clients of esk spoitelny and Komern banka can change them at an ATM to one that they will remember for a while. Or if you suspect that their PIN may have been noticed by someone else. The service is also being prepared by SOB and Potovn spoitelna. Changing the PIN is easy, just enter the original one and select Change PIN in the Services menu, explains Kristna Havligerov from esk spoitelny. The new kd is valid immediately after the change is made. The client only has to deal with the fee of both banks, which offer a change of PIN for 50 crowns.

Another available promise is the possibility to pay via the elephant’s ATM only for clients of esk spoitelny and Potovn spoitelny. The recipient, the name and the due date can be entered here. GE Money Bank is going to pay for vouchers via an ATM in the autumn, while it has mainly bet on the offer of flat products. As part of the Infolimit service, clients can find out how many pensions the bank will pay them, or enter them directly. All you have to do is enter your phone into the ATM and the bank will contact you at the latest the next day. You can apply for this with GE, even if you are not its client. SOB clients from the ATM immediately find out the maximum possible loans, and if they decide for it, they may not be able to prove their income enough.

The facilities of ivnostensk bank can not only spend pensions, but also receive. And it pays off for the stadiums: it’s free, while at the branch you would pay 20 crowns. After the back door and when inserting the ATM, a special suit comes out, into which you put the board, glue the suit and throw it into the hole, which flashes in your device.

Banks also think of clients who have access to an ATM in a blind or wheelchair. For example, esk spoitelna and SOB have several specially modified ATMs for them.

Don’t be afraid to try new services
Don’t be afraid to use the ATM for other services, not just to collect pensions. The procedure is similar, just select another service in the menu on the screen with the help of the buttons and then follow the instructions given by the ATM step by step. When you get “lost” during the event and you are not sure if you accidentally give your phone to someone else, it is not a problem to go back one step or cancel the whole transaction. It is enough to press the button with the inscription repair (cancellation, sometimes so clear) on the keyboard.

You can also try charging your mobile phone or paying an invoice, for example, on the Vodafone website ( In the Search window, enter the ATM password, click on the link in the first city and then select ATM Demo in the left menu. You can also find the term ATM on your entry from here, it is an abbreviation of an ATM in English Automatic teller machine.

What esk ATMs neumj
Does it matter that you don’t have to choose small? Unlike abroad, ATMs in the Czech Republic cannot choose which banknotes you want to withdraw cash in. When you go to the press, you can be sure that you will get a press or two thousand. And try to pay a twenty-crown ticket in the newsagent’s shop. Banks don’t do it yet. Martin Matras from esk spoitelny rad to choose not 2000, but for example 1800 crowns.

How your bank offers services

esk spoitelna (1094 ATM)
vbr own / with ATM: 6 K / 25 K + 0.5% with vbru change PIN 50 K rear view to the castle 5 K
free: notified of the end of the validity of the card, information about the balance here, top up the credit

Komern bank (655 ATM)
vbr own / foreign 6 K / 39 K change PIN 50 K
free of charge: notified of the end of the validity of the card, information about the balance here, top up the credit, payment of the Vodafone invoice

SOB (615 ATM)
vbr own / foreign 6 K / 30 K rear one-way order to the castle (only Potovn spoitelna) 5 K
free of charge: information on the balance here, top up the credit, enough about vr, payment of the Vodafone invoice

GE Money Bank (510 ATM)
own / foreign 15 K / 35 K
free of charge: information about the balance here, Infolimit service (offer of vrovch products), enough about vr, notified of the end of the validity of the card

Raiffeisenbank (57 ATMs)
vbr any ATM 19 K
free: information about the balance on here, notified of the expiration of the card

Volksbank (54 ATM)
vbr own / foreign ATM 2.50 K / 25 K (at SOB 5 K)
free: top up credit, Vodafone invoice payment

eBanka (53 ATMs) vbr any ATM (if you can run 15,000 msn) 9.90 K otherwise vbr own + Raiffeisenbank / foreign ATM 9.90 K / 39.90 K
free: balance information

ivnobanka (53 ATMs)
own / foreign 5 K / 30 K
free: balance information, cash deposit, mini-entry

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