Avoid the arch near the bank

Having a bank behind the bank is a much more pleasant way for many to operate their pensions, not on a long-term banking channel. This way of communication with the bank will change. How much do you pay for bank aid?

It is not possible without a bank

We can’t even imagine our financial life without a bank here, as confirmed by a Factum Invenio survey for BA from the meeting of this year. The opinion that the use of the bank’s services is now necessary by as many as 88% of respondents. Among other things, the same survey confirmed that the most frequent reasons for dissatisfaction of clients at their bank are the first high fees for services and transactions (according to 31% of respondents) and for 87% of respondents the most common way of communicating with their bank is personally at hand.

And so, according to Ren, we must all go there once, we turned to bank branches and transactions carried out directly at their offices. Someone employs two and usually more often in the bank, others later and vice versa only exempt, e.g. if he needs to transfer a payment card every few years.

Anyone who prefers to deal personally with a bank adviser must prepare a wallet and often strong nerves. Employee service banks in the case of money (or human labor) it is more valuable, at least in court according to bank rates. The bank adviser is therefore a financially convenient route for the client, especially in comparison with transactions carried out through one of the banking channels. Fees for transactions made electronically are several percentage points lower than the fees charged for transactions on electronic basis. To illustrate the change and cancellation of a standing order electronically free of charge, there is a fee of 50 crowns at Raiffeisenbank.

Among them Spoitelna and Raiffeisenbank

There are items that, for whatever reason, you need to be confirmed directly by the bank. These do not have to be transactions of an exceptional nature, such as confirmed status receivables and the volume when you priced for it made at the front. There are a number of bnjch transactions and we will focus on them here. In this case, it is a non-cash operation such as castles of single-order orders (or vouchers), changes and cancellation of standing orders, pp. collection order. The cash is then deposits and cash withdrawals directly at the bank’s cash desks.

Pome-li bank

A large client of banks tries to make maximum use of the so-called electronic banking, at least if it is a change in time and non-time banking operations. Unfortunately, you will occasionally come across a situation where this stamp requires a stamp confirming payment (eg voucher and proof of the castle of compulsory liability) and just explain that the only correct document that actually confirms the castle is an entry from the bank here.

The first is that you pay the voucher for the castle via electronic banking and just have the stamp completed as a receipt for the castle. The second and most popular option is to have the elephant pay at pepka and enter it directly into the bank’s system. Fees for a cash transaction range from 4 crowns at Potovn spořitelna (Junior, Senior and Handicap program) to 53 crowns at esk spoiteln (8 K item + a surcharge of 45 crowns for processing a money order).

If you do not manage to make a change or cancel a standing order or standing order for collection, then consider a fee ranging from 20 crowns (in Potovn spoiteln) to 50 crowns (in Raiffeisenbank, eBank and thus HVB Bank). Electronic bankingchanges made to the order are usually free.

When u stand at the cash register

The deposit and withdrawal of funds at the cash desk in the bank is unlikely to pass from anyone to time. For example, the collection of cash for holidays, etc. Most fees are charged less cash up to 15 thousand. crown. And no wonder, there are always limits to the limits for the installation of a payment card from an ATM, where the presence of a bank employee is not necessary. Vbr from an ATM costs 4 19 crowns, some banks can even determine the number of vbr free of charge. You can then get cash on hand for at least 12 crowns (in Potovn spoiteln vbr Maxkarta) we can reach several hundred crowns, as is the case with Raiffeisenbank or eBanka.

Overview of transaction fees including payment channel fee in K

BankPayment (pob./net)The order lastedDepositVbr (pob./ATM own bank)
Komern bank20/345045-110/6
esk spoitelna45/2308 – 5323-53/6
UNDER18/3404 – 3030/5
Potovn spoitelna4-8*/120612/5
Raiffeisen-bank20-25 /3508 – 8 + 0.15% of the contact

50 –
50 + 0.15% of the stock /
first two 0, then 19

eBanka20/5,90**30+20030 + 0.15% of contact, max.1000 / 6.90
ivnostensk bank10-20/2302020/0-5*
BAWAG Bank20/030030/6,50
GE Money Bank29/3306-5010 / prvn dva 0, pak 15
HVB Bank20/3,50506030/9-30*

Note: *) according to the program, **) program Zklad or Zklad Free; source: banks

Convenience, worries and uncertainty in the use of electronic banking, these are just some of the reasons that still bring clients to hot banks, even at the cost of relatively high fees. You can do simple operations on the pump, the more it will cost. At the same time, you have a whole range of ways to communicate comfortably and very safely with the bank for a long time.

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