Banks derive thousands of crowns for negotiated mortgages and plates

Arranging two million mortgages currently costs at least fifteen thousand crowns. With v vru fees are rising. What arguments does the bank derive from the fact that one client’s account is worth a thousand crowns?

The standard mortgage can be completely processed by the bank and prepared for signing the contract in five and ten days. The preparation of the heat includes, in particular, an assessment of the client’s creditworthiness, evaluation of whether the property that will serve as collateral is suitable for securing the heat, securing all the necessary documents, and preparing a contractual document. Sometimes more than one small branch of the bank has to deal with it, especially if it is you, incl. After signing the contract, it is necessary to enter the bank’s internal system.

The whole process of approving the company therefore requires the participation of several employees of the bank, whose work you have to pay for. The question is whether the mortgage actually has a value of thirty thousand crowns.

How high mortgage processing fees do banks know

All banks derive mortgage fees from it. Most often and 0.8 percent of the volume of the approved year, the minimum and maximum fees are always set. At present, the client always has to pay at least eight thousand crowns for a million mortgage (seven and a half at Volksbank). In addition, two banks collected a fee for just a mere business, incl. If the client was not provided in the end, the fee was not refunded.

Mortgage processing fees (standard number of loans for financial housing)
Bankpercentage of ve vrumin. and max. in fee (K)
esk spoitelna0,90 %9500-25 000
UNDER0,80 %8000-25 000
GE Money Bank0,80 %8000-25 000
HVB Bank0,80 %9000-25 000
Mortgage bank0,80 %8000-25 000
Komern bank0,80 %9000-28 000
Raiffeisenbank0,90 %9000-30 000
Volksbank0,75 %6000-25 000
Wstenrot hypoten banka0,80 %4000-25 000
ivnostensk bank1,00 %8000-30 000

Source: Banks
Note: for S and ivnobanka this is paid for mortgages up to 5 million crowns, for the top the fee is set individually – for S then at least 35,000 crowns.

It is clear from the table that the fees differed between the banks, also to consider their faith when choosing a suitable mortgage is essentially increased. Banks sometimes give them motivated promotions and offer mortgage processing for a certain period of time at a discount or completely free of charge. In the case of it, it is then possible to make it quite interesting.

How the cost of processing a mortgage involves

Banks state that the fees take into account the actual costs incurred in processing the mortgage. These costs include in particular the following:

* assessed and evaluated the client’s creditworthiness
* evaluation of the suitability of the mortgaged property
* business and financial risk assessment
* administrativn nklady
* prepared contractual documentation
* internal costs associated with erpnm vru and its settings in the bank’s internal systems
* documentation archiving
* future costs that will arise in the course of the permanent equilibrium relationship, ie, for example, assessment and change in the rate years at the end of the fixation period and the associated information client, or additional contractual documentation

The best is to get a new client

Of course, only the banks themselves know the financial strength of these processing costs. However, it is clear that most of these costs will be essentially the same for millions of mortgages as for you. It is calculated here, of course, with the various risks associated with the third, and its assessment can therefore be more thorough and therefore more expensive. However, the three-fold fee, in fact, does not answer the cost of the processing itself.

In addition to the above cost, the castle also commissions commissions from the fees for the contract, who acquired a new client and provided him with their consulting services. These rewards for procurement are usually the processing costs themselves. The commission is often derived from the faith, so you are the credit, so you are the reward for intermediaries.

Slovakia for comparison

Banks make sure that their mortgage fees do not differ from their competitors. For example, for the first mortgage year, now all the same one hundred and fifty crowns a month (for mortgages with medium support, there is sometimes a fee for something you).

For comparison, the following table lists several banks that provide mortgages in Slovakia. It is possible that the percentage rates of the fee for issuing mortgages do not differ from those Czech and so much. There are minimal fees, on the contrary, the upper limits are usually not set at all.

Mortgage processing fees (standard number of loans for financial housing) at some banks in Slovakia
bank (which bank in R belongs to the same financial group)percentage of ve vrumin. and max. in fee (SKK)msn fee for the first report (Sk)
UNDER0,70 %3500-30 00070
ISTROBANKA (BAWAG)1,00 %min. 300080
UDOV BANK (Volksbank)0.7% (for floors 1000 Sk *)min. 400080
Slovensk sporitea (esk spoitelna)0,70-0,90 %**min. 600090
Tatra banka (Raiffeisenbank)0,59 %min. 500099
UniCredit Bank Slovakia (HVB Bank)0,90 %min. 500090
Veobecn verov banka0,75 %6000-30 00090

Source: Banks
Note: * in the case of enough approval, the client is paid a fee for this paid fee;
** according to the type of vru

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