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Think about giving joy to your loved ones in the middle of this night at Christmas? Just as shops lure customers with a large supply of goods, don’t stay behind either banks. Is it appropriate to drink with them?

How many more crowns vs will be paid 50 thousand crowns in the bank? At the maturity of three years, pay at least in eBanka, one thousand thousand crowns more at Komern banka. If you decide to repay the loan in one year, pay me, but even here there is a difference between the cheapest Volksbank and the most expensive Komern banka as a result of the five thousand (see the table).

Banks will offer you more than 20 thousand crowns, but you can also get 800 thousand. Depending on your ability to meet, choose more than one loan and how long it will take to settle the loan. At maturity, you will pay the highest amount, the installment amount is expected at 60 msc, the longest maturity is seven years. So which pjku to choose? It is ideal to thoroughly research the offers of several states and not be subject to the first ads. When we talk about clients very much, we recommend that you think carefully so that it does not happen that the fleeting joy of the outer thrush on the spring after the New Year worries about the paid bundle, points out Pavla Pasekov from eBanka.

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If you do not sign the contract, ask thoroughly about all the payments that are waiting for you during the payment. A small year trip does not necessarily mean that you pay the lowest amount of pension in total. Dleit are thus given fees. In the first place, you should be interested in a one-time fee. Not the most Potovn spoitelna, 50 crowns, pay the most in Komern banka, 950 crowns. Some banks, such as BAWAG Bank and Volksbank, do not charge a fee for a certain period of time, they have it included in the installments. He gave, although at first glance a small hundred, the fee for keeping the line here. The salary will change and at the maturity of six years the resulting amount will increase. As a result, in the amount of CZK 50, you will receive an additional CZK 3,600 more.

Today, most banks come to me even without you being their clients, but with those who require it (for example, a commercial bank and SOB), then also give me a monthly payment for running a bank here. The time of payment, on which day in the given month it is necessary to pay the installment and where to turn in case of problems, is also important information, points out Tom Kofro from Reiffeisenbank. According to Kristny Havliger from esk spoitelna, it is good for the client to find out under what conditions I will be repaid in advance. Serizn banks offer this service free of charge.

Table: How much do you pay for a total of 50,000 crowns pjench in the bank maturity 12/36 msc

Don’t forget the APR

For more than a year, the rate betrays the so-called ron percentage rate of charge (APRC), expressed as a percentage and includes all costs associated with the loan. If the APR of your wound exceeds 15 percent, you should probably be able to achieve much better conditions in the stitch. You can check on the website of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority if the provider did not make a mistake in the APR error. You will not forget to include all related fees. If he did, then the Trade Inspectorate will be able to meet the long term, the advice of Martina Lambert from BAWAG Bank.

ask for APR

To the bank pj

Vtin bank states that he is 18 years old, but there are exceptions. For example, Citibank does not pay people under the age of 25 and over the age of 65, and SOB over the age of 64. Dalm’s requirement is a permanent stay in the Czech Republic, or a temporary stay with a long-term relationship. In order for banks to insure themselves against client insolvency, you must provide enough credit to the bank so that your income is usually for the last three or three months in the form of paid dogs, written by the entrepreneur in the form of tax credit for the last tax period. If you have a bank where you want to go, so you are a client of it and you can pay for it, this obligation does not apply. Some banks find that they allow them to run regularly, and do not examine its knowledge, others

how much must you pour out. For example, if you want to drink at BAWAG Bank, you must pay 10,000 crowns, as a self-employed person with a minimum of 15,000 crowns. Zamstnanec navc nesm bt ve zkuebn lht. Citibank
in turn, requires a monthly income of 12,000 crowns, in addition, the applicant must work for at least one year, of which at least three months with the current employer. You can get up to 200 thousand crowns, usually without a guarantor, at BAWAG Bank you can get up to a million crowns in this way. As documents are needed And you will lose vr data, from vs in the bank will first want documents for oven integrity.

Some have a civil order, others require several documents. For example, at the bank you must have a document for the actual address of the residence, which you must have proof of payment of SIPO, billing for it, electricity, gas, bank transfer, or telephone. BAWAG Bank requires the introduction of two fixed lines, one for work, the other can be replaced by a telephone number with a mobile phone.

It is also possible to insure

Banks offer the opportunity to insure against the inability to meet. Urite is a good bond, especially for long-term installments. Never know what happens to me. You have a long-term illness or unexpectedly drink about work. The security of the bag costs something, in this case a few crowns msn extra. Depending on the conditions of the connection, sweat with a plug that answers approximately five percent of the installment. Insurance in the event of death and permanent invalidity at Raiffeisenbank and Komern banka also include insurance in the event of loss of employment in installments.

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