Banks will close the door. Get ready

The end of the year is approaching and together with it, the time is shortening when you can go to the last opportunity to pay extra for building savings, pension benefits, and other restaurants. Do you know how the first term your bank set for the order?

Are you among those who leave everything to the last minute? If so, and if I have unpaid bills on the table at the first time, you are going to pay extra for a building savings or a supplementary pension, you should not pay long. Such a blob would not have to pay off. We will offer you an overview of the deadline when the first time your bank accepts the order and the pension will be delivered to the city urn to go this year.

Operating hours without major changes
We would look for a lot of changes in the cashier hours of individual banks. Most of them maintain the standard opening hours, ie including working Saturdays. The only exceptions are Raiffeisenbank branches. Their employees will serve their clients on the last working day of this year, ie on 29.12. only until 12 noon.

EBanka clients have a shutdown of the system
Limited bag to some clients who rely on electronic communication with their money condition. In particular, eBanka clients must prepare for the filled service section of the Client System. His paragraph will take place on the external saints these days:

nedle 24.12. 9.00Monday 25.12. 9.00
Monday 25.12. 14.00have 26.12. 9.00
have 26.12. 9.00Wednesday 27.12. 0.01

Do not hold the gears for a long time
a number of people have paid for paying anyone at the last minute. Don’t make sure you make a mistake in a single discount and the pension doesn’t arrive at the city of urns. Relying on the last mon term would not really pay off, especially (not only) at the castle building savings, even a supplemented pension contribution. In short, if you really want to be sure that your pension has been sent to the place where you have it (that is, go this year), it is better to visit the bank or enter the transfer order via electronic banking, in two days.

Dates for the castle this year – gates
in CZK in the bank



eBanka 31.12. 24,00
KB 29.12  13,00 29.12.  20,30
S 29.12 by branch 31.12.  20,00
UNDER 29.12. 12,00 29.12.  18,00
PS 22.12. 29.12.  14,00
GE MB 29.12. 11,00 29.12.  18,00
BAWAG Bank 29.12. 12,00 29.12.  14,00
HVB Bank 27.12. according to the branch 29.12.  12,00
Raiffeisenbank according to branches 29.12.  18,00
ivnobanka 29.12. 14,30 28.12.  18,00

Dates for the castle this year – transfers in CZK between banks



eBanka 27.12. 24,00
KB 27.12  13,00 27.12.  20,30
S 27.12 by branch 27.12.  20,00
UNDER 28.12. 12,00 28.12.  18,00
PS 21.12. 29.12.  14,00
GE MB 28.12. according to the branch 29.12.    9,00
BAWAG Bank 27.12. 12,00 27.12.  14,00
HVB Bank 27.12. according to the branch 29.12.  12,00
Raiffeisenbank 29.12. 11,00 29.12.  18,00
ivnobanka 28.12. 15,00 28.12.  18,00

When using the KB, S and SOB collection boxes, take into account the need to make the transfer in 1-2 days, we do not recommend banks for transfer orders received at the oven.

Source: banks

Finally, determine the exact deadline for the bank, when domestic payments in Czech within the framework of interbank payment system are actually to be delivered to the payee, but even this is not a 100% cancellation. According to the first law, the sent payment must be submitted to the payee’s bank no later than the next working day after the day of the order and no later than the next working day after receipt, the payee’s bank is obliged to credit the payee to the payee.

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