Beads from audition: I did Avon Ldi

There were not many candidates at the job interview. But what does it look like in the back of the HR office, when the interview, during which you sweated koili, ended?

She took a breath, took her shoulders in fear, and entered the office, where the Zen woman was taking place. Take the idle, the clerk looked at her from the table. She didn’t hesitate, picked up the idle, and lifted it over her head. When Slena saw the HR manager not rushing at her, she said: So it probably won’t work out today. And she was right, then we didn’t offer her the position, to Jitka Nmekov from Plzeskho Prazdroj, where the interview took place. Welcome to the HR. In the gate, where it is a little different, it was not fulfilled.

Although the people from the personal department advise what to (not) do (not) do at the interview, appear in the newspapers, hang on the work lines, cycle on the Internet, if the job seekers can surprise the experiences that entertain people from the office to go for a long time . For example, the instruction about nature, when you don’t have to worry about anything during the interview and stay with you in all circumstances, led one candidate at PersCom as a result.

Why are you leaving the first job? asked the HR specialist. f was ncek, replied dotzan. Ncek? How did it manifest itself? did not give a clerk. Simply put, he ended a different debate on the first job candidate. So for you odeel zt kind of business? the interviewer continued. Dal ncek. And I’m not a racist, don’t worry, the candidate recumbed to human resources.

To separate new employees, HR uses many separate methods, but the most important thing is to get as much information as possible about a potential recipient. My experience with sales, I told Avon Ldi, revealed to people from PersCom a candidate for the position of customer center specialist.

He walks on havch coals

Another person interested in working, honestly, wrote the completed seminar in the CV. A. The course goes by havch uhlchch. B. How to become an alpha male.

The ticklish situation in the interview was not as small as it might seem in this field. A clerk from the People and Pleasure Agency agency finished the interview with red eyes. A colleague was looking for a candidate for the position of forwarder for a long time, she went through a series of advertisements and finally she found a job. On the phone, he said that he had a great deal with him and the forwarder for him, no problem and what kind of music she chose. Colleague Zaraen replied that the music was not ground. And when they clarified the details of the position with each other, it became clear that he was a stripper and thought that he would be supported as a forwarder, his colleague Karel Rejman explains.

Calculator with you

The personalist may even use your knowledge and skills to compare them with other employees, but the gold advice is: Don’t move, blow and don’t cover anything. Find out.

Although we are a company whose activities are educated in the field of information technology, our city is sometimes attended by people who do not even manage basic office programs, although in their CVs they state the knowledge of advanced progress. For example, quite often, especially in the case of simple assistant positions, knowledge in Excel instead of simple functions applies to secret data. When I just asked what he wanted to do with the calculator, and he told me to use it in Excel, I didn’t know if mm smt or breet, Potaov’s marketing manager Gopas Marie Thunov describes.

Give the time when you will find out something about the position. At least twice in a row, look for the position you are applying for and discuss what could happen to the company. Do I like this hair? The candidate who reacted to the position of the brewery did not read his description at the time, because the position of the brewery in the brewery should operate the brewing equipment. He worked on the flight, where he commanded the operation, but the flight. And so he was very surprised in the city, describes the stunt Nmekov from Plzeskho Prazdroj.

From there he gave them a similar pbh. The job applicant, originally from Ukraine, arrived for an interview with a translator because she did not know Czech at all and wanted to work on the job as an operator. She was surprised that even as an operator she would speak Czech, because she would operate the machines with the help of touch screens with data in ethin.

Who looked at my dog?

Even if you care about work, you don’t have to present all your motives to the HR specialist. Know that sometimes they can work against vm. Like you at an interview with PersCom. Are you looking for a job now? Are you dissatisfied? They changed my rides and I have to wait 20 minutes for the bus after the end of working hours, the ruthless candidate replied.

He also scored candidates for the position of operator in Plzeskm Prazdroj. During the interview, the candidate stated that looking only for winter, he needs to fill in the time from January to May, because then he will do business. His thing was that he would be warm in the winter, he would get paid at least 30 thousand crowns, and even some beer for that, summed up Nmekov from Plzeskho Prazdroj.

Other candidates suffered personally. Candidate apologized again for not arriving for the contract interview, because unfortunately he did not get a dog for the dog, describes Jitka Nmekov. Hand on heart, would you light up the responsible work of a hunter who is not able to arrange a house for two hours by arranging a two-hour meeting?

An interview was not necessary even for a candidate for the position of telephone consultant, who works daily on a PC with various systems. He brought his CV written by hand in person at the company’s reception with the words that it is not a technical type, explains Markta Kolov from Kruk.

When you sound the alarm

Even if you prepare for the audition in time and turn right from the house, remember that you will always be surprised by something.

The interview with the candidate was complicated by an unwavered porn alarm. The whole building had to be evacuated and the candidate arrived at the reception of the empty building. Natst managed to contact him, direct him by phone to a meeting in the parking lot and conduct the interview in improvised conditions outside. After the alarm ended, we continued the interview in the standard environment, to Markta Dovrtlov, HR Director of Honeywell Technology Solutions.

She flew to Brno’s Honeywell last winter for a personal meeting and job applicant from Mexico. During the flight, all her luggage was lost and after the skin she was forced to buy all winter clothes. A colleague advised them on which business to go. In the end, it turned out in time, the candidate was selected, joined and still works here, adds Dovrtlov.

Who am I?

Even though the woman will not develop according to your ideas, especially the sun, you will at least get a good feeling of yourself that you have done it. Know that those words that are not for children, HR professionals have enough and enough. Many people know that there is now a demand for them on the market and that they are in short supply in companies, and they try to get the most out of this situation.

Unfortunately, the darkness will turn around as a result. A sad example is the candidate who arrived at the pre-arranged interview two hours in advance and told the HR that if the company cared about him, he would take a moment to contact Zuzana imonov from the PersCom agency.

Elsewhere, job seekers dared to make a special contribution to the end of work. Once he joined the company for an interview, he was a good candidate. When his father wanted to fire him, he protested: You can’t do that, I’m not in proportion, David Jelnek from the family furniture of the Jelnek company recalled.

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