Benefits: Pay attention to pn employees

Employee benefits should motivate employees to perform better. This will not be possible if they do not get abraded by their pn.

In addition to variable salaries, depending on the quality of work performed, only a number of Czech companies have various benefits. These employee benefits are intended to evoke in the employee a sense of connection with the company and an effort to do the best job for him. The most common are meal vouchers, pool and gym tickets or a pension contribution. Some employees receive a contribution for transport to work, hostel or language course.

Who gets the car

Business car, mobile phone and laptop for personal use in the usual above standard. He used a company car to travel to and from work, to economist Vclav Pavlek. Uetm an hour and then in the evening, he explains. Built-in employees can sometimes use a company car for private trips with the family. If you don’t buy your own car, it only takes a few thousand thousand a year, which would cost it.

The main role in deciding who gets the car is played by either the position held or the nature of the profession that the employee will perform, to the press of Siemens Petr Sedlek. From the point of view of the company, it is mainly a motivated factor, but of course the easy accessibility of the employee in case of need also plays a role.

ei get used to it slowly

Sophisticated benefit systems are often inspired by foreign companies. In the Czech labor market, the main director of the income agency, for whom they are motivated when choosing a city and the subsequent relationship with the employer, is the director of the personnel agency Majora Josef Rajtr. For positions associated with its valuation, the emphasis on salaries prevails.

Pesto esk companies spend relatively large amounts on one employee for one employee. In our country, it is on average in the Czech Republic, to Petr Sldeek from Siemens.

Businesses often have two out of pocket

The benefits are suitable for companies for several reasons. In addition to changing the motivation of employees to employers, so do financial disputes.

A comparable increase in salary would mean payments on health and social insurance, which do not apply to the benefit. For example, a free lace vaccine can reduce the illness of employees, and the language course will increase their benefits for the company. Eva Dragounov from the consulting company Ampeng says that the employer often shines next to the benefit. Not everyone motivates what the company pedpokld, k.

This is confirmed by this year’s survey of the Sodexho Pass company among three thousand Czech employees. According to him, the contribution to the diet of more employees, not how many would really like it. Seventeen percent of employees stated that even if there were plenty of items, only ten percent had such a benefit in

On the contrary, the contribution for a holiday, supplementary pension or education would be spent on 40 percent more employees, not how much they will receive.

Theater or fitness center?

Eva Dragounov recommends that employers conduct their own research in the company about the benefits of employees. Only according to it should they compile a program of granting a benefit. This is the only way for the company to guarantee that it will spend money financially, explains Dragounov. Employees in the company pirovnv to the vehicle engine. Get to know your car’s engine so you know how to handcuff fuel for its best performance, with an oversight.

Another way to bring employee benefits as closely as possible to their recipients is the flexible way to benefit. Each employee has his or her number and determine the number of points according to the position held. For these points, you can buy a variety of services for a wide range of partners, describes Petr Sldeek.

If you don’t like sports activities, for example, instead of a season ticket, you can choose tickets for an interesting theatrical performance. Employees can also suggest new services or service providers. They are then contacted and, in the event of an agreement, included in the offer, adds Sldeek.

Nejastj benefits

* meal vouchers or cheap lunches

* contribution to retirement or life insurance benefits

* tickets to swimming pools, gyms, theaters

* contribution for transport to work, to the hostel

* language courses, distance learning stays, sightseeing trips

* post for vacation or week allowed extra

* vitamins, lace vaccines

* tinct a trnct plat

* manaerm sluebn auto, phone, notebook

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