Beware of vnon vry, which will get as much as possible from the dream

Outside the shopping, and with them the desire to shop on debt. Banks therefore traditionally hunt clients on special conditions. If you let the bag be swallowed with low installments, you can eventually overpay.

Banks are ahead in acne offers

Let’s first look at the largest retail bank – the Czech savings bank. It prepared for its clients for the first period of acne payments. If you ask for Pjka S in the amount of 30, 50, 70, 100, 150 and 200 thousand crowns, it means for all the installments, at the same time the bag has a maturity of one year (84 msc compared to 72 mscm, which are standard). vr provides clients with a year of 7.5%.

For example, in the case of 50 thousand, the installment will be 888 crowns, if you ask for 70 thousand, you will pay more than 1,222 crowns for the next seven years.

BankproductSpeciln nabdkaValidity
SPjka Sakn spltkywithout restrictions
GIVEExpres pjkapostponement of the 1st installment and by 3 msce, and the installmentdo 31. 12.
PSPotovn vr tylstekkept postirovho here until the end of 2008 for freedo 30. 11.
RBFast pjkavoucher for a 15% discount at Siko bathroomsdo 15. 12.
VolksbankPjka Vnokazero entry fees and peen vnokado 16. 12.


The bag itself does not contain all the costs that the client will pay in connection with the bag. You must also pay a fee of 49 crowns per month for keeping the balance here (in case of 84 months met, pay an additional 4,116 crowns) and thus the entrance fee. It and 0.8% of the year, a minimum of 400 and a maximum of 7,000 crowns.

If you decide to pay back in two, your extraordinary installment will be increased by another 4%, pay a minimum of 500 crowns and a maximum of 5,000 crowns.

GE Money Bank bet on the postponement of installments and the payment of installments

The express loan from GE Money Bank for a volume of 60, 70 and 100 thousand crowns guarantees a reduction of the installment, a year, and does not forget the extended maturity period and 84 msc (compared to the standard maximum of 72 msc). From the bank’s point of view, of course, so that you can afford to pay as much as possible and pay more in years. With the fulfillment, you can pay and after those months, during which you only pay the management of the balance here (40 crowns msn), pp. pojitn. The bank has been counting for a year and since then when the first installment is paid, and it ranges from 9.9% pa Finann zaten is thus minimal during the Christmas period.

You can find an overview of the external banks HERE.

Among my pleasant parameters, there are paid extraordinary installments, namely 5 percent, with a minimum of 1,000 crowns. In the same way, it probably does not require the condition that if you want to get this thing, you have to share it with GE. For some, it is necessary to pay extra costs for at least another 35 crowns per month (at the longest maturity, ie 2,940 crowns).

You have to go to Kaufland for Vnok

Just like last year, Volksbank will have a special offer this year. VolksbankShopy (the bank ‘s sales outlets in Kaufland hypermarkets) offer a non – standard drink – freshly baked fruit to Pnoce Vnoka. Vyzen vru vs do not cost anything and pensions are available within 2 and 3 days. You pay her the traditional fee for keeping the tuition – 50 crowns. You can drink 25, 40 or 50 thousand crowns with a uniform maturity of 72 msc and a year of 8.8% (for loans 40 and 50 thousand K; 12.6% pa for loans 25 thousand K). One of the conditions for obtaining Vnoka’s heat is a minimum income of 9 thousand crowns.

Spltkov spolenostvrAnd hitMaturitydeadline fromFee for inclMsn veden vru
EssoxPjka without name2.5 – 200 tis.5 – 45 ms.0,00%free of chargefree of charge
CetelemPersonal pjka3 – 200 tis.5 – 48 ms.8,50%free of charge

free of charge

GE MultiservisMultiservis vr3 – 200 tis.4 – 50 ms.0,00%*free of charge40 K

Note: * APR from 19.75%

You can ask for a free, Raiffeisenbank for a cheap bathroom

If you are in a hurry, you can turn up the pot from Potovn spoitelna by Potovn vru until the end of November. For this year, you can get a free postage here and until the end of the first year, the “reward” for this will be the annual rate (12.4% pa for maturity up to 1 year, or 13.4% pa for maturity up to 7 years ) and part of the settlement period. In a single day, march only in the so-called financial centers (only 27 cities in the country), otherwise you will have 10 days on your account.

If you want to get rid of two, not as the original agreement with the bank knew, be sure to mention the possibility of extraordinary installments and full repayment without any penalty.

Raiffeisenbank decided in the first place to offer its clients something a little different. Whenever, no later than December 15, under his Quick Pjku, get a voucher for a 15% discount in Siko bathrooms. In addition, the last installment is unleashed for clients with a good payment order. the annual rate rises between 8.8% per annum

The amount of the fee will be at least 500 crowns (the fee is 1% of the price, a minimum of 500 and a maximum of 3,500 crowns) and you will need to add another 80 crowns for keeping the balance here. Insurance against inability to pay is provided free of charge.

Whenever you call the debt

If you have to actually make a purchase, it will first evaluate as many different variants as possible. In our comparison, the best savings bank among the monitored banks is, but it may not be the cheapest in your particular case. Under certain conditions, it pays to look, for example, at one of the offers of installment companies, which have the option of repaying the provided in full.

Don’t be fooled by the extended fulfillment times, which in the effort to motivate you to marry yourself, but you were not originally fulfilled. Not only will the purchase be overdue (longer period of time with the exchange year and other fees), but you can get into financial difficulties with an unspecified choice in the year. As with any type of heat, here it is a salary that you should spend time financially, and go two, not after the loan you move.


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