Billion credit cards esk spoitelny pedluily tisce lid

Don’t think anything, and then find out how big the mistake was. It is very easy for me to know that you will have, even about that, a written credit card with a limit of 999 billion crowns.

Does not accept vm. Long at 999 billion, a surprised woman found out when she applied for a mortgage.

When Eva Brcknerov from Prague took over a new payment card at the beginning of this year, the esk spoitelna offered it a credit card as a bonus, it could be in the red. She rejected Brckner’s thanks and thanked her for everything.

Two months later, she found out that the top in such debts, as the entrepreneur could not do even a day, went bankrupt. When she applied for a mortgage with another bank, she learned a surprising case. From the bank register, where information about the loans and credit of clients of all banks is collected, it turned out that a credit card written on myself, which will cost me 999 billion crowns.

“It simply came to our notice then. I wanted a billion mortgage data for me, ”Brcknerov recalls. She laughed when GE Money Bank refused to give her a mortgage with reference to her pedluen.

Thus began the case of the “non-existent” credit card for a trillion crowns, which was previously produced by esk spoitelna. She was far from the only one.

O dvancti devtkch vichni vdli
“I started with the Czech Savings Bank and the bank register. In addition, I was in danger of the fact that someone else would buy the apartment quickly unless I agreed to the mortgage, “Brcknerov describes the situation at the time.

I received conflicting information, the savings bank claimed that he did not know about it, then again that there was an error on the part of the bank register. “One day the city was offered to me by the city of GE, the next day they claimed that they would still not be able to give it to me due to meaningless credit,” said Brcknerov.

According to them, the banks realized that no one could get such a high, but then they ignored the client’s ability to meet this logic and stubbornly rejected the mortgage.

GE Money Bank eventually provided the machines with an envelope and a mortgage. According to Brckner, the deletion of a trillion dollar frame from the register took less than two months.

How is it that it is not picked up, and therefore the non-existent credit card appeared in the bank register? Navc na stunning stku?

“We just followed the instructions of the banking register,” said Miloslav Kean, director of the card center at esk spoitelny. According to him, from January to the middle of this year, the practice was such that even uncollected credit cards, where they had not yet been set in the framework, entered in the bank register in the name of the eventual future owner. And twelve nines were filled in the field, where the maximum is entered in the agreed year. Thus, even those who never drew in the daytime entered the long-term register. Only esk spoitelna sent information on pre-produced credits to several thousand clients to the list.

“It’s a standard deep registry error. It should not have been used to evaluate the creditworthiness of the client, “to Zuzana Peen. According to no practice, all banks were involved and there were no problems with erpnm, which was why.

After all these systems, the savings bank together with the bank register changed the procedure. “We started entering zeros instead of nine,” Kean said. And as of July, information about “uncollected” credits will not be sent at all.

For such a quick change, when were there no complaints? “We found it could be ambiguous, and we didn’t want to harm clients,” Peen said. Today, no one would know about an inactivated credit card in the mt registry. The card was issued in advance, which prepares several banks in this way, there it is, old notes have been deleted.

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