Billions from Brussels put the people in two idles

It looks as if the ministry of the colonies has turned the wall into a “ministry for the development of yin Moravia”. In key positions, he is negotiating billions from Brussels for the development of Czech research, and seven people are still trying to connect to the ten-billion project from Brno.

It looks like an apiary stet. David Uhl is one on behalf of the Ministry of Customs about the program, for which the Czech Republic can receive 2.1 billion euros (ie about 52 billion crowns).

He is currently the Deputy Director and Consultant of the European Union Project at the Center for Technology Transfer at Masaryk University in Brno. It will also apply ten billion crowns for the CEITEC project with other high rounds in Brno.

It is a Central European Institute of Technology, a large science center that will focus on health care, pharmacology and biotechnology. It is also one of a series of large projects that are applying for support from Brussels.

Uhl does not want to express himself fully to suspicion of stet. “It is a matter that I have discussed with the Ministry of Collegia, and the agreement was such that in the event of any discussions on this darkness, the Ministry of Collegiance will respond. I won’t answer that, goodbye, ”said MF DNES Uhl.

Under the baton of the People’s Party Vitula
Jan Vitula, the People’s Party, who was promoted to the position by KDU-SL MP Michaela Ojdrov, also sat on two seats.

Even after gaining a position at the equal level, Vitula remained the mayor of South Moravian Idlochovice and also the chairman of the first council of Sdruen municipalities and cities of the South Moravian region. This m tetinov pod in the Regional Development Agency of the South Moravian Region. And she is one of the partners of the CEITEC project.

Even Vitula rejects suspicion of a stall. “Who in this republic, who has been in science and research, has no interest? If you want to find people who can do it, then each of them will have a connection to a project, ”says Vitula.

The same is argued by the Green Minister of Col. Ondej Lika. “I do not have individual employees, but at their least I entered no to exclude the country.”

The fight for pensions is sharp
But you, David Ondrka from the non-governmental organization Transparency International, which deals with the surveillance of corruption, see it a little differently.

“The battle for European pensions is very fierce. All those who decide on pensions should take care of all this so that there is no day of doubt, “said MF DNES Ondrka.

Last week, the Ministry of Customs published on its website an analysis of 173 projects that will apply for billions of ballot boxes in Brussels for the Research and Development for Innovation program. And the most interested in European billions are from other parts of Moravia, where more than one project is ready.

Far back are the middle echoes and others. There are two explanations: either they are really active in Brno and the surrounding area first, or they also rely a bit on the fact that the influential people at the Ministry of Customs will help their region.

“When you look at the division of research in the republic, 60 percent is in Prague and most of the rest is in Brno, the divided applicant is copying it,” argues Vitula.

Prague cannot apply for pensions, because Eurofunds should help my developed regions to compare the differences between them.

When the European Commission dropped the Czech Republic’s research and development program “on its head” in the past, it lacked an explanation of how it was on our country so that billions from Brussels would not only help the richest regions.

“I will not allow the protein of Moravia,” to Lika. It is uncertain when to travel billions for science to the Czech Republic. The program of the year, even half a year after the resignation of Minister Dana Kuchtov,

Prime Minister Mirek Topolnek, who considered it a major problem last autumn, continued to comment on this after Kuchtov.

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