Brigda as a zitek. Venet dogs, dance, ski

Some brigades are remarkably similar to the profitable programs that people keep under the tree. Brigdnk will get twice as much, free and paid time on top.

Have you always wanted a dog, but your partner and parents did not want to allow him? Try to do it differently and argue where I can put it in vain and go pay me for it. For example, in the offer of the Suzi agency, you can choose from several addresses and dog breeds.

For example, Karln offered a female cocker spaniel and a European owl dog can be raised for a walk twice a week in the country houses. But it is necessary for the brigdnk to know something about dogs, it should not be done by someone who has never had a dog, to Lenka Hobzov from the nationwide Suzi agency. In addition, smj just arrived. For an hour of work you get 90 crowns on hand. You can also look for brigades in the eyes of wanderers or zoos.

But you can also fulfill other dreams than the dog. For example, at the Allegria agency, you can drive 3 and a half hours around Prague in an ashtray with professionals on the back platform of a car for 3,900 crowns and pour municipal waste from rubbish bins. Or you can sign up for Komwag and get paid for it.

After the training, the brigdnk and the crew take to the streets, then a little auxiliary work, open the yards and containers, later he also gets to the car operator, describes Lucie Jindrov from Komwag. In agreement with the work done, he published a thousand here a day. Pibv nm streets and garbage, also stre nabrme, lk zjemce HR HR.

Drink beer on board

Who wouldn’t rd beer. Combine a pleasant experience and become a leader in beer markets and tastings. If you understand beer, you can speak about it in English, German or French, you can taste a selection of beer specialties in the U Flek or U Medvdk companies in Prague. Live City offers above-standard ratings.

Outside Prague, Plzesk Prazdroj offers this position, where you are looking for a guide to the brewery in Pilsen-East Pedmst. Our guide will take us through people through unique spaces and thus look into cities where the public will not get, such as where Pilsner Urquell first visited 175 years ago. The meeting with interesting people from the field of show business, sports and politics, who are happy to visit, from President Zeman and Finnish metal stars Nightwish, represents the position of Rudolf lehofer, manager of tourism and historical heritage of Pilsen Prazdroj.

Addition that reliability and excellent knowledge of the language are a must. Acquires in seven world languages, knowledge and ability to have a good conversation in a given language, notes Lehofer.

If you speak one of the European languages ​​and talk to people from all over the world, it pays to enter the word guide in other places than in gastronomic fields. The Educo agency is just looking for an escort to French students around Prague and Jarom, the hostesses with the knowledge of German and French will be hired by the company Prague Weekend, which will get rid of the party under the capital.

Give them cards

Language skills are thrown for an interesting brigade in the casino. At Rebuy Stars, the first-time recipients will go through the croupier’s course for free, and when they do, they can then work on an agreement on the execution of the work and for 200 crowns per hour.

In the course of playing games with cards, etons, the rules of all games in the casino, the participants must be able to travel for a while and quickly. It’s nron prce, to Tereza Vystrilov from the staff department of Rebuy Stars.

If you don’t want to be among the gamblers, you can be inspired by the romantic film Krishna’s Maid with Jennifer Lopez in the lead role and take a job as a maid in a guest house and hotel. The position is now offered, for example, by one of the most luxurious hotels in the Four Seasons country, where Jean-Paul Gaultier, Bruce Willis, Madonna or Rihanna, for example, lived in the past, or by the eFi hotel in the center of Brno.

These are white horses such as a fixed bed, quiet kitchen and bathroom, lighting, dusting and the like, describes the room staff Markta Mdkov. In addition to the wage of 80 crowns per hour, he also offers a warm period and a lot. You can get to know the hotel world from the position of reception, courier and drilling.

If, on the other hand, you have longed for the example of an unrecognized actor taking on a street in a fortress in which no one knows you, cattle at the offer of the Foundation for the Development of Civil Society and put on a mask for a while, a symbol of the Help the Children collection. The mask is a bit teak, in winter it is very cold, in summer it is warm, but you don’t have to have extraordinary skills regarding the mascot, to Hana Plkov from the foundation. For every hour passed on the Old Town, the brigdnk gets a hundred.

Naute dti lyovat

You don’t have to be a teacher in the mother and the back of the wheel to get to work with the little ones. A number of children’s organizations look at lecturers of all kinds all year round, from language sports to sports and to sports. In Brno shnj leading to the ring for boys.

In thirty lessons, a lecturer with children has typical boyish activities, they make a car together, a boat, a spaceship, they go fishing or other tborn skills outside. Pavel Pikrylov from the Brno branch of Rytmik Dtem introduces something from each lesson. The lecturer will receive 150 crowns in 45 minutes of work, but not where he gets the city. I’m not interested in people who are immediately interested in salary, in the first place is the relationship to children, experience from similar work, to Pikrylov.

In the fresh demand for the whole country, for example, there is a teacher for street dance, cheerleaders, the leader of the program and small Olympians. Teachers of first-hand subjects, mathematics and the Czech language, these days are eagerly looking for births for their offspring to prepare for the spring exams.

Those who, on the other hand, prefer even in the winter season of brigades under the open sky, can flourish in one of the offers for ski instructors, not only in the Czech mountains, but also in entrances abroad. RideClub offers the city of the leader on the winter descents of the Big Snow Jam in the French Alps, where you will take care of clients but ski for free.

The wizard prepares a free program for clients. Those who have the certification of a snowboard or ski instructor can enjoy the slope. When he is close, Pavol Krlik from Big Snow Jam represents the position.

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