Building society rules

Do you mainly want to read? Then select the building connection mainly according to the year of deposit, fee and set the target amount correctly.

The building savings bank is suitable for those who are dissatisfied with the years in the banks and do not want to take the risk. Pensions are safe, deposits are in the same way as bank loans, deposits are not subject to tax. Although the fees for concluding contracts and keeping them are deducted from the fee, the value is much more interesting compared to bank accounts (it is around six percent), mainly due to the state support. After six years of the contract, you can save your retirement on anything, including your car and distance. how the rules of building society contracts are.

Building society client
Every citizen who has a native and has resided in the Czech Republic has his building savings. Not bad at all, I have both a baby and a pensioner. Whenever I want to conclude contracts as much as I want, I am entitled to one support for old contracts only for one contract, for new ones where I am writing. At the same time, the salary that together I can get a maximum of 3,000 crowns per year for all new contracts.

Clov stka
When concluding contracts, determine this contact yourself. It is the sum of all deposits, the amount of support and the year for the entire period of savings, and any event you are considering in the future will be included. Choose a person according to whether you just want to save and pull. If you prefer to save, the person should be only a little bit of you, not the sum of all the pensions in yours for the expected years of savings, otherwise you would pay the remaining fee for concluding the contract. For example, when you want to save 20,000 crowns, it is advisable to set the tariff to 150,000 crowns. In the past six years, even so many pensions have been spent for years and with subsidies. The target must not be crushed, so-called pespoit, but it can be reduced or increased during the period (in which case pay a fee).

Tariff and years
Most savings banks offer more ways to save on their tariffs. They have a different year deposit and incl. Appraisal ranges from one to two percent, for years from vru pay from 3 to dark 5 percent. When you choose a fast tariff, you will be evaluated and you will have two years to get it. You have to pay two for the quick variant of the bag, so you have to deal with the dram boom. The so-called slow tariffs will be met according to, but the year of origin will be slow. If you did not ask you to start when you started the connection and it is now up to date, it is possible to change the tariff during the connection and you will slowly negotiate a quick option instead.

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The first pension is given as a castle for concluding a contract. This amount is necessary to determine the length of the tax, most often it is one percent, but not less than two (Hypo stavebn spoitelna). So if you have a customs fee of 240,000 crowns, pay 2,400 crowns, or 4,320 at Hypo. Some savings banks have a maximum limit set for a fee, such as CZK 7,500 for the Blue Pyramid and CZK 9,500 for Buinka. If you increase the customs fee over time, and even only externally due to the heat, so that you can save all the years, you have to pay this fee again, again a hundredth of the externals. The savings bank offers a lower entrance fee for so-called children’s contracts, in most cases a percentage of the fee.

You will pay fees every year for running spoicho, or even here. Most often, the stock is around 300 crowns. At least children at Wstenrot, 250 crowns, most will be paid at Hypo spoitelny 360 crowns. In six years, the difference between the most expensive and the cheapest savings bank is 660 crowns. You do not pay anything for the processing of the sludge, one percent of the loan will be paid for the hell. The solemn deposit is free of charge for most savings, only for Raiffeisen and Wstenrot it costs 20 and 30 crowns.

If you decide to terminate the connection two in six years (five years), you will not receive a single aid paid, plus any fine for early termination of the contract, usually two percent of the duty, but also two percent (Raiffeisen).

You can enter a monthly order for payments, but a lot of people sent for a building savings pension at once, at the end of the year. Do not keep your bag paid for the last December days. The date on which the pension will fly will not determine whether the support will be paid to you, but when the savings bank will receive it, and at the end of the year the queues at the bank office could stop.

If you conclude a new contract this year, keep in mind that in order to receive support in the maximum amount of CZK 3,000, you must deposit at least 20,000 plus fees.

Contract dog sweat
If you know where you want to start the building savings, you can fill out the form online on the bank’s website. Make a contact and send the pre-filled contract electronically. Within a few days, a consultant will contact you and make an appointment with you, at which point you will finally sign the contract. You have to go and adjust its appearance.

So it is not a classic negotiated sweat, you will not avoid this advisor and the branch anyway, only the Wstenrot field will prepare the sweat contract. You can save this way, most sellers offer some bonus. For example, when negotiating a contract, get a voucher and a discount of 300 and 600 crowns, and pay me for the entrance fee.

Star and nov contracts
Concluded by 31 December 2003
For older contracts, the support includes 25 percent of the savings, a maximum of 4,500 crowns, which corresponds to a deposit of more than 18,000 crowns. The obligatory period of spoen (so-called vzac lhta) is 5 years. Ron’s annual deposit is around 3 percent and some building societies offer clients who do not draw, in addition, a bonus in the form of a 50 percent discount.

Contracts concluded on 1 January 2004
For new contracts, the state support reaches 15 percent of the savings, a maximum of 3,000 crowns, which corresponds to a deposit of 20,000 crowns. You must spend at least 6 years. You can now claim new support for more contracts. It works in such a way that 3,000 crowns are calculated between the contracts with the right to state support according to the dispute and the date concluded. year from the deposit is about 2%.

What to expect The building society is for many tracks. Therefore, talk about the changes that could occur:

  • graduated support, according to the use of pensions
  • end of tax lions for paid years to live
  • el pjek rozen i na studium

According to the chairman of the association of building societies Vojtech Luke, there are no such changes yet at the stage of the proposal.

An overview of the basic conditions of building societies can be found HERE

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