Car prices fall below two hundred thousand

The cheapest had a new car in the Czech Republic, it can be sold for less than 150 thousand crowns. Discount the bag and the best-selling compact cars the size of a fabia, which will attack the two-thousandth mark. A number of dealers have reduced prices by one hundred thousand crowns in the last year.

“I think that the main reason for the fall in prices is a strong crown,” said Pavel Tunkl, secretary of the Association of Car Importers.

The rivalry of sellers also plays a role. “Of course, we monitor the prices of competitors and react to them,” said Citron spokesman Martin Bedrnov.

The strong crown made it possible to reduce the price of imported models. Many smaller cars fell below 200,000 crowns in action: for example, Renault Thalia, Citron C3 or Peugeot 206.

The Auto code also had to be adjusted. So mainly her deal. Although the price is still the same and the cheapest Fabia model costs an official quarter of a million crowns, some dealers can find it under two hundred thousand crowns.

“It is a combination of the value added tax and marketing of the event,” said Petra Lacukov from the Havex Auto showroom in Vrchlab, which will make a new sale for 199 thousand crowns. The “mole” fabia is thus only available to entrepreneurs under two hundred thousand crowns.

Fabi sales stagnate
Even with no answer in some car showrooms, the price dropped to 209 thousand. “We have an event where people can achieve a discount of various discounts by up to 70 thousand crowns,” said Jaroslav ern.

According to him, the carmaker does not meet the price change. Interest in fabia pitom does not grow in Czech. The needs of newly registered factories for the first two months of this year are almost identical to the same period two years ago. The market for new cars rose by about a fifth.

Pesto pat had codecs for the best-selling cars in the Czech Republic. Last year, their sales in all markets fell by three percent, but this was largely due to the transition to the new generation fabi. For the first time in history, last year the code produced more octaves, which then do not have stagnant sales.

Some people say that the new fabia will not be sold for a long time. “They should do something about the price, the competition has become quite cheaper and the cars are there. We had another thing, “said one of the authorized resellers, who is going to remain anonymous.

There are also sellers who claim that fabi sales will not increase. “We don’t have a problem with that,” said Karel Volavka from the Autotrend showroom.

Car importers see great resentment in the stagnation of fabi and reduce it for a long time. The least cars are to me even for me not 150 thousand. For example, the price of a Fiat Panda or Hyundai Atos dropped to such a price in action.

“For Czech customers, the price is a very important factor when deciding on the choice of car,” says Veronika Jakubcov from Hyundai. The condition of low prices of acne models usually makes the use of leasing set by the import.

When the other car is small
The category of small cars is the largest market for carmakers in the Czech Republic. Thus, half of all cars sold in our category fall into this category. “It dropped to 45 percent last year, but it’s still the top category,” said Tunkl.

Compared to developed countries: in the old EU countries, according to small cars, it is around a quarter. That’s why it doesn’t pay for cars to drive abroad, unlike the vtch and drach model. The competition is ns in this segment, so on the contrary, ns men buy cars, for example.

The new car is cheaper thanks to all and increasing salaries. To go in 1998, the cheapest codec required more than twenty average monthly salaries, even less than ten salaries. That is why constantly on the Czech roads pibv. Car dealers in our country are having good years, sales are rising in the last 12 months. In just the first two months of this year, sales of passenger cars increased by a tinct percent, sales of cars with the “soft” drive two times faster.

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