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After a week, the world stock markets recorded a decline in opt rst. The Czech stock exchange grew slightly faster than other world markets. Compared to the first week, the funds have stuck, which, unlike in November, are also very successful in certain sales.

US stocks began the week with growth, helped in particular by Oracle, which agreed with its big rival, PeopeSoft. The increase in years of rates by the central bank was generally unexpected and no one was surprised. On Wednesday of the week, the market was first cooled by a decline in the amount of oil and thus speculation about the bankruptcy of the Russian company Yukos.

By the end of the week, the market was characterized by known volatility, which was caused by a shortage of so-called first, which will be mainly speculative trade. Individual titles then respond to any changes in the market and this is then reflected in the results of individual indices. However, the longest ones ended this week on positive values ​​(DJIA + 1.1%, Nasdaq + 0.5%, S&P 500 + 0.7%).

The sales mood from our home stopped in a week and the stock market was able to return to growth for a week. Virtually all stocks in SPAD recorded growth during the week, which was supported by such relatively high trading volumes. The turning point came and when the atmosphere began to manifest itself in the market and the nkup’s activity stopped. Even with this fifth correction, the main indices recorded an interesting increase (PX-D + 2.26%, PX 50 + 2.08%)

Domestic funds managed by companies in the Union of Investment Companies (UNIS) have been attracting investors last week, and in addition to some sales, they have also been performing well this week. Given the results on the stock markets, this is certainly not surprising, especially for equity funds with a representation of domestic stocks. Most

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dailo fondu ISS Sporotrend (+2.50%), with a gap to the funds followed ivnobanka shares (+1,49 %) a PI biotechnology pharmacy (+1,42 %).

In terms of performance, the week passed to virtually all funds. This also applies to bond funds, where, similarly to equity funds, funds oriented towards the domestic market led. Funds are an example ISS Bondinvest (+0,86 %) i SOB bond mix (+ 0.74%). The only bond fund with questionable performance was the fund IKS Plus bondov (-0.21%). Both funds also performed well this week, and money market funds did not disappoint their investors.

The shift performance, for which the fund excelled the most, recorded a positive performance IKS Balancovan with the overall second highest weekly performance + 2.32%, on the contrary, the most of all the fund ended up the exchange fund, J&T Opportunity CZK with vkonnost -1.10%.

The good performance of the fund has recently been confirmed by UNn statistics. Although sales in November were disputed at K -600 million, due to good performance, the assets of domestic funds increased from 106.3 to K 106.8 billion.

ist sales in December stle in plus

Unlike in November, however, certain sales are funded by the fund in December, so last week investors and investors bought reserved funds for investments. Although the activity on the stock markets is slowly declining, less risky forms of investment are investors more inclined and the sales of the fund, like the pedel of the week, recorded a positive finger in the amount of 272.4 million K. Let’s see if

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this trend will continue in the remaining two weeks.

The only group of funds that recorded a disputed value in certain sales last week are equity funds (-6.6 million CZK), which only confirms koncoron’s preferences for their investors. And with one exception, the fund SOB stock mix (+0.13 mil. K), skonily vechny fondy v mnusu.

Of course, most pensions flowed per week to the money market fund (+240.1 million CZK), where ISS Sporoinvest (+234.0 million K). Surprisingly, and for the second week in a row, bond funds (+28.8 million CZK) performed, among which ISS Sporobond (+20.2 million K). It is worth mentioning the good sales of the IKS Balancovan fund (+18.7 million CZK), which was the most successful among the shifts of the funds (+7.7 million CZK).

Trading according to UNIS

Type of fundThe bestThe worst
Nzev fondAs a resultNzev fondAs a result
SharesISS-SPOROTREND2,50%IKS Svtovch index0,26%
ivnobanka shares1,49%PI new economy0,92%
PI farm a biotech.1,42%PI rop. a energ.0,93%
BondsISS-BONDINVEST0,86%IKS Plus bondov-0,21%
SOB Bond mix0,74%PI corp. bond0,03%
IKS Bonds0,69%ISS-S korp. dluhop.0,09%
Funds fundICS Fund Fund0,53%
Pennho MarketIKS Penn trh0,10%SOB entries0,05%
ISS SPOROINVEST0,09%ivnobanka-Sporokonto0,04%
PI penn0,06%
SmenIKS Balancovan2,32%J&T Opportunity CZK-1,10%
ISS-SPOROMIX 51,30%AKRO rules. dividend0,00%
ISS-SPOROMIX 31,23%AKRO kapitl. vnos0,01%
is sales of mil. KISS-SPOROINVEST234,0ivnobanka-Sporokonto-22,8
IKS Penn trh.28,8ivnobanka dynamick-7,8
ISS-SPOROBOND20,2SOB wealth-6,6

Zdroj: UNIS

In the statistics of certain sales, funds from KBC / SOB and ING are thus available. In KBC / SOB statistics, similarly to funds in UNIS, they lead to various investment risks. KBC Multi Cash SOB CZK Medium (+28.0 mil. K) and KBC Multi Cash USD Cap. (+24.1 million K). Together, KBC / SOB funds recorded sales of 119.0 million CZK.

Among ING funds, similarly to the previous week, the best fund sales were written by the esk fond bond fund (CAP (+54.3 million)). As the other fund did not succeed at this time, the total ING funds recorded the same sales in the amount of +51.2 million K.

Technical assortment in a fund store

On a proposal from the UNIS Bureau, the Securities Commission took note of the technical contribution to the provision of services by investment companies at the turn of 2004 and 2005. On 31 December 2004 and 6 January 2005, the investment company will have the option of announcing the share price and selling and repurchasing them. This period was determined with regard to the transition from the balance sheet to the results of the assets of mutual funds, valid from 1 January 2005 and with regard to the reversing of the operation associated with the end of the year. The decision on the length of the transition period is left to the individual companies.

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