Change of insurance: how not to sell

The insurance is usually arranged for a definite period. For some contracts, the bag is automatically extended. If you are not interested in such insurance, you must terminate the contract well in advance. How to proceed so that you do not sell?

The insurance contract is a contract on financial services, in which the insurance company undertakes to provide benefits in the agreed extent in the event of an accident and the client (policyholder) undertakes to pay the insurance premium agreed. The insurance contract must be in writing, except in cases where the insurance company has an insurance period of less than 1 year. One of the essential features of the insurance contract is the definition of the insurance period for which the insurance is valid.

life insurance is agreed for a certain age

In the case of life insurance, contracts are usually concluded for a definite period. The contract states the age to which the contract is agreed. In order to be able to draw on the benefits of life insurance, the contract must be agreed for at least 5 years and at the same time the agreed insurance indemnity must be paid at the earliest in the year when the insurance period is 60 years old.

For some life insurance contracts, in addition to the insurance period, the insurance payment period is agreed, which may be several times. As for the extension of the life insurance contract, it may be a problematic issue. Extended permanent bonding is only possible for selected counts of life bonds. For contracts with insurance coverage or extended insurance periods, mon.

Those interested in insurance should therefore realize how long they want to be insurance and conclude an insurance contract accordingly. A life insurance contract concluded up to the age of 60, up to the age of 65, can be considered sufficient. The need for insurance protection with age decline and insurance contracts concluded up to 75 years of age can be considered a redundancy. It is often a matter of motivating the consultant to pay a commission, which often depends on the length of the insurance period.

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In case of non-life connection, pay attention to automatic prolongation

In the case of non-life insurance, we may encounter an insurance period of indefinite duration, resp. with ron insurance period with automatic extension. This is how the following is connected:

– mobile home and household
– accident insurance
– Povinn ruen
– razov pojitn

Automatic extension means that the insurance is automatically extended for the same period, if one of the parties to the contract (insurance company or insurance client) 6 weeks before the expiration of the insurance period did not know the type of parties that on the next market interest.

Insurance companies usually terminate contracts if they are suddenly forfeited for them. These are contracts for which insurance companies often fully and fear insurance fraud. They register these insurance companies, especially for car insurance companies and various insurance companies.

On the other hand, the connected client may not be interested in another permanent connection, for example due to the loss of suitability of the existing contract and the interest in a new connection. If the bag is not insured, the contract must be terminated. As stated, at least 6 weeks before the termination of the contract, the insurance company must receive this notice in writing. This can be done by sending a letter of correspondence or by visiting a branch of the insurance company.

Therefore, if you have concluded a payment period with an automatic extension, for example on February 1, 2006, you can terminate the connection no earlier than January 31, 2007. In order for the insurance to expire, the insurance must be terminated no later than 6 weeks before 31 January 2007, ie no later than 20 December 2006. If the notice is received later, the insurance will expire at the end of the following insurance period, ie 31 January 2008. The insurance bag must be paid by the insurance company until the end of the insurance.

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