Chva, kolka, lottery. How companies deal with their employees

A number of companies have recently recovered from a critical shortage of workers. Unemployment is at record levels and one jobseeker will receive three vacancies.

Transport companies are looking for a lack of traffic, so passengers do not get some connections. When you come to the censer, the mon will be closed, because at least one worker had the first errors. Sloitj will get a craft. Or I don’t like the newspaper house. There is no one to tell. Lots of business people and paid employees should be attracted to a better paid and secure offer, for example in a large production plant.

Czech economy mistakes employees for several years, the situation is long critical. According to estimates, there are currently 300,000 vacancies available in the country. At the same time, economists predict continued economic growth, which will bring a worsening in the labor market. We do not even pay extra wages. Tom Surka, executive director of McRoy’s Central and Entrance Europe HR consultancy, doesn’t like it to work better but new employees.

In addition, employee fluctuations added to the employer. They are afraid that their employees will be beaten by a competitive employer. He must therefore prick with the same offer and with other benefits. Otherwise they will lose their employees.

The best companies are companies from the manufacturing segment, who have to try hard. And with interesting financial rewards, or above-standard and two completely unmarried benefits, to Jitka Soukov, marketing manager of Grafton Recruitment with the fact that the production segment is far from the only one who enjoys its people in this form, but the offer is definitely the longest. And what do you offer, for example?

Pensions in addition

For the recommendation of a new employee, today a number of production companies will pay for the existing work contributions, which reach up to 15 thousand crowns. In the vast majority of cases, new employees receive contributions from recruits, which are around 10 thousand for debt positions, and around 20 thousand crowns for qualified positions. Each month, in some production races, the lottery is drawn for the money of the game, which reaches up to 100 thousand crowns.

Come and live

Employees of production companies often receive allowances for work or housing allowances. It is not uncommon for the contribution to housing to be 100 percent more expensive.

Support for families with young children

Long-term production companies have opened company stamps. There are also bags that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The children then visit the stamps according to the changes of their parents. Thus, the support of families with children does not end, some companies also offer the service of Tetika, in the framework of certified nurses, search for children, pick them up from the bike or water in your circle. In this case, the employees of the castle usually 50 percent of the cost, but it is still a very vtan benefit.


Great attention is paid by production companies and the health of their employees. In addition to classic, free sports activities such as skating, swimming, fitness and meat, there are also the services of nutrition counselors. Some companies introduce for long hours and fitness quarter hours during working hours. It can help people with chronic back pain.

Jitka Soukov is the most on the market in the production segment. jet intensified.

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