Click loans are a new hit, et al

Get a pension from the bank, while avoiding a single nvtv branch, it was for most clients only zbon pn. Today it is becoming a reality. Forget about branches, just a hundred clicks on everything. That’s what the banks said – Komern banka and esk spoitelna.

It was necessary to travel recently in case of a loan from the bank to cover at least two branches of the branch. Today she is the only one and soon she will not be you either. If you are an active client here, use the internet banking and meet the criteria set by the bank, you have a lot. esk spoitelna of such clients in its rows found almost one million, Komern banka in the first wave of about seven hundred thousand.

One-click loans – when and where
The “novelty” this week was presented by two banks – Komern banka and esk spoitelna. Komern banka will launch the service at the earliest time, esk spoitelna (S) will be ready for 2008. At this moment, the client is testing its system on a small sample, and has been operating sharply since January.

For the time being, it will only be a so-called pre-approval of vry offered in internet banking. Specifically, these are consumer loans, credit cards and later overdrafts. (For the time being, overdrafts can only be entered by a single telephone via the Servis 24 telephone channel, provided that the client has been contacted in writing. He will then confirm his interest by telephone.)

Komern banka also chose to launch its “one-click loans” in a very similar way. Unlike S, however, she decided to use the tradition of external sry in the early period. The first clients to find her a link to a personalized offer of flat products (consumer goods and credit cards) in Internet banking in June, but they will be able to use it from 24 November. Other clients will not receive an offer for two years. This was confirmed by Zuzana epelkov from the press department of KB.

The only benefit is time saving

Due to the fact that both banks have decided to address it first with previously selected clients, they can contact the requested person within a few minutes. draw zskan vr promise their clients so both banks go to the day when they have filled enough about vr in internet banking.

It is not required to submit other documents as in the case when the child returns in the standard way at his / her bank, or at a bank other than one’s home. You do not have to confirm your debt and the type of proof of identity, and you can completely avoid going to the bank. However, one meeting at the bank will not be missed if you use credit card offers. For the card, you will have to go to the branch for security reasons.

But don’t expect anything from the bank. By using the offer through internet banking, you will not receive a year, or even or perhaps zero fees. The other conditions do not apply, e.g. nroky na zajitn.

Piblin postup zskn vru on-line

1. You should first get acquainted with the business
product conditions, or to determine the installment and
dlku splcen vru.
2. And then you can proceed to fill in online enough,
resp. questionnaire.
3. Once you have filled in enough, a pre-approval will take place,
resp. approved enough, available at bv vrov
4. Subsequently, the contract is signed by the bank (electronically, pp.
I only ask her to sign, then she confirms herself).
5. The last step is erpn,
penze banka nejastji pevd na et datasele.

Not new as new
“New” S and KB bag no new news. Before approving the loan, he is able to enter through internet banking, for which he knows eBanka’s clients. It has been providing the service since 2005. And if the client was not approached by a specific offer from the bank, he still does not have to leave empty-handed. Simply dog ​​internet banking about vr pod. “This will soon be the case with Raiffeisenbank’s internet banking,” said Tom Kofro, the bank’s spokesman, to iDNES.

GE Money Bank clients can encounter a slightly different form of online payments. The bank also offers internet access to those who have had access to the Internet since 2001. The only difference is whether the applicant is and is not his client. The approval is so immediate, however, the new client of the bank must first deliver the documents (confirmation of income, or tax return) to some of the branches. The bank’s client is currently responsible for this. The applicant must sign the contract at the branch and he should be able to do so within thirty days of the application. In such a concept, it is not de facto an online loan.

In a similar way, Cetelem. The approval process is as fast as for banks, but with two rounds. The loan is definitively approved and paid out, and at the moment when the company receives the signed contract, the client will print it out here (after filling in enough and pre-approval). In some cases, the whole can be issued in a single day, but you have to deal with a few days (see the document received then, the transfer of pensions to the applicant).

As can be seen, banks are trying to differentiate their products in various ways, even to those clients who have “expelled” their branches from the promise of new banking, especially internet banking. Bl sene svnky svky, pressure on our pennies, especially in the vrov area, only intensified. Don’t let the bag be completely blinded by offers, thanks to them you can easily and quickly come to the pension. First, you invite your own financial resources and always compare individual offers. Don’t forget to get acquainted with all the “mischiefs” of the terms of the contract and business conditions. If any of this is unclear, let me explain. Once you sign the contract, bv u pozd.

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