Companies are looking for people, but they can’t close the family with children

Half of the parents returning from parental leave to work do not join the original employer. For? Companies cannot offer them suitable conditions so that they can work together with a family. In a time of minimal unemployment, write about a loyal employee.

Czech families have above-standard parental leave conditions. They can stay at home for several years, which is a rarity compared to other stty. Some people would say that it is good to be at home with your child for years, that this will deepen the relationship between the mother, or the father, and the child, have long parental and fundamental negatives such as insulation and loss of work habits.

After a long period of parental leave, they often get used to working communication, and due to the rapid progress of modern technology, they can run a train at work. How to solve this problem? Women have to want to get involved in work two years later. And that’s it. At least according to a survey by IPSOS for ExxonMobil among three hundred parents.

It turned out that his aunt’s mothers started working within two years of age. Only 13% of women would prefer to devote themselves only to the education of children. The only problem is that half of all respondents prefer half the bundles after returning to the work carousel, and it is best with the possibility to perform work from home. And so they are in conflict with the supply on the labor market.

According to the latest Jobsindex survey by LMC, only 20 percent of the people work for me from home, and half of the bonds are the exception. According to Eurostat, about 5 percent of employers have long been offered.

Family counselor and help to get back to work

But there are also companies that have realized that even in times of minimal unemployment, it is better to take care of the parents caring for the child and get them back to work soon than to look for new candidates on the market.

For example, the ExxonMobil oil branch has a special Family Management program that helps employees balance their work and private lives through various benefits and rules. For example, let’s offer the opportunity to work on the wall, work from home, adjust your working hours. We have contributions to bowling and cribs and new, since November, a family counselor. It is a priority to stay in touch with employees. We will provide various meetings and workshops, kSilvia ebekov, who works as a Family Advisor at ExxonMobil.

The company has had a business stamp since 2013. It doesn’t work now. It was a nice concept, but gradually the natives grew more interested in it. We want to be prunj and respond to the demands of our people. He will now offer a financial contribution to the employee according to the employee’s choice, if also according to how soon he returns to work. Our goal is to be two, not the company average, adds Silvia ebekov.

According to n, employees return to the branch, when their child is 2.5 years on average. Foreign employees return two. Currently, 228 employees are allowed for parental or maternity leave, 6 of whom are male. Because the company has 1,150 employees, it is more than 20 percent of employees.

So at T-Mobile, I dream of coming out. We dream of strengthening our relationship with employees during our employment and, if possible, involving their families. We also keep in touch with those who are at home with the children. We will offer flexible forms of work, include company days for children, summer events for employees and their families, including Martina Kemrov from T-Mobile’s corporate communications.

The company mfiremn portlEchofamily, where the birth will find information from the days in the company, invitations to corporate events, contacts, discounts. We support leisure family activities, for example in the framework of Cafeteria the possibility to draw benefits in various ways – for a psychologist for children, activities for children, for motherhood, for entering the zoo, for language courses. And while filling the door, I can be helped, add Martina Kemrov.

According to them, thanks to these employees, they will not break away from the company and maintain relationships with colleagues. Their eventual return is then simple. At present, 10% of employees on maternity and parental leave are allowed in T-Mobile.

Help the experienced colleague with the return

PwC is one of the ten most prominent companies for working mothers worldwide. She received the Working Mother 100 Best Companies award. We wash our mothers so that they can return to work soon for a shortened relationship, or to work on a long project, which is the essence of our business. Thanks to this, parents can combine their family and work responsibilities with Kolga Ehokov, Audit Director at PwC Czech Republic.

The company has a parent-returning mentoring program to help, and coaches from a series of so-called womancoaches. These are experienced colleagues who, during the sometimes difficult return to work after their mother, are allowed to go through themselves.

Each parent uses other benefits and sets his or her work commitment individually. We have a chance to have a working family first because we offer flexibility and we are able to change our parents as their needs develop due to the age of the child and the current functioning of the family, notes Olga Ehokov.

They are also used to children directly in the company’s buildings. Employees can use the baby office, where they come with their children and work matters. We will offer help with a smooth turnaround, we have a contract for the maternity center and bowling around the office, adds the PwC manager, according to them flexible ties and all other benefits motivate both good work and loyalty to companies. At present, the company has about 10% of employees on maternity or parental leave. 38% of them actively help.

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