Companies are on Christmas Eve this year. But does extra pay make sense?

Almost half of the companies in the Czech Republic are paying their 13th salary or remuneration in a similar way to their employees for the year. That’s a big deal not last year. What is the reason? And can my salary make sense, does it motivate you to do better?

As a result of the regular reports of the Chamber of Commerce, it turned out that this year a total of 47% of companies are paying out to employees13. pay. hundred companies rewards paid in December, Wed and the beginning of five years. Wrong with the way the company operates. The reward will be on average around 30 thousand crowns, most often in the range of 15 and 35 thousand.

graph of the 13th platy

The salary in which the company, the more employees will receive the bonus. According to the last Komorov barometer, the 13th salary is paid at the turn of the year by a total of 71% of large companies, ie companies with more than 250 employees. This is similar to last year, when 70% of such companies paid out. This year, the benefit will be offered by significantly more small companies with up to ten employees, namely 31%, while last year it was by 10 percentage points less.

Most often this year, pay the company’s remuneration in the construction and manufacturing industries, which is the main driver of the Czech business with the largest share of employees.

Similar results emerged from a survey by According to him, 45% of the company will provide an extraordinary reward. Eight of this year for the first time.

Let’s pension them so they don’t leave

The results of the survey are also confirmed by the personnel officer. The good condition of the economy and the fears of companies about the loss of employees will be reflected in the annual rewards this year. In previous years, Tom Surka, McROY’s Managing Director for HR and Central Europe, will be the first to speak.

According to Surka, the reward can take different forms. Many companies are called the 13th salary and take advantage of the employee’s current salary. Other times, I’m talking about a woman’s turnover, profit or profit. Traders have a reward associated with achieving a predetermined cl. Not always receive it in financial form. For example, it will reward you with a better company car, says Tom Surka.

Some companies, for example, lure employees to the 14th salary, but in reality it is one salary divided into two installments. One punch together with the December payment, the second remuneration will be paid to the employees in lt as a holiday allowance.

And what exactly does it look like in companies? We have no rewards, but a two-time plron of rewards. A certain form of reward for our employees is to pay weekly free time. We want the people to relax in time and take advantage of the opportunity to be close, to Marek Bali from KPMG.

Remember Christmas at Skanska. During the autumn, our employees got used to a regular set of vitamin supplements or vouchers, for which they can choose how to support their health. Before Christmas, we also prepare all-day outdoor markets for the garden at the Corso Court office building or the Fika-style St. Nicholas of St. Nicholas, a traditional meeting of colleagues at the Church and the Church, to Pavlna Matoukov from Skanska.

Effective rewards not pensions

Some HR professionals claim that the 13th salary is for money that doesn’t motivate you to perform better. It is effective to reward the basis of personal performance and full payment.

Let’s not pay the 13th salary or any rewards taken at Christmas. Employees are paid on the basis of individual results and especially according to how the company is managed. For the payment of these remunerations, there are different deadlines throughout the calendar year, depending on where the employee is employed, spoken by the EZ group Alice Horkov.

Often employees are not more likely to be interested in the benefits. In the offer, for example, there is one day off so that people can complete the necessary formalities. Or pick up a child in a bike and take it to the ring. This also applies to the working profession. In administrative operations, we start offering meat at work, office and healthy sitting courses.

At present, meals, drinks at work and free allowances for shelters are subsidized. In a number of companies, offer relocation packages, free delivery fees and free bus deliveries. In these benefits, we see Meziron the biggest number of Grafton personnel managers Kamil Pittner.

Still popular is the old-new benefit of sliding working hours, which grows to be able to work at least from home. In some professions, such as IT, the performance of work from home is easy, in other professions, where it is not possible, employees try to go out in a few days allowed or the greatest possible flexibility of working hours. no meal vouchers, the company had a paid holiday, a small drink that they wanted to buy for a long time, or a compliment to the whole team.

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