Companies lure employees to get rid of videos: So what do you want to know, hoi?

Unemployment is at an all-time low, there are no free candidates in the labor market for the dark, so companies are targeting those who are considering change. They try to lick them, among other things, to the atmosphere in companies. Introduce untraditional career videos and interesting websites. Look at the best.

The desire to change jobs is the highest in the past 5 years. And 23% of Grafton survey respondents said they would like to change jobs in one month, and 45% in half a year. And because companies are still looking for suitable candidates, try to put them in the right place. For example, career videos and websites.

First, their processing and ability to capture the values ​​of the competition of the Recruitment Academy. This year, the expert jury selected the best at the audience. According to the company’s director Josef Kadlec, the role of HR marketing is growing. Czech companies know how important it is to be innovative when approaching people and to stand out from the crowd, to stand out from the competition, but at the same time to address the first target group of candidates, Josef Kadlec.

According to him, the competition is trying to increase the level and creativity of recruitment activities and inform the economically active population that there is also a deprived form of looking for a new job, not a search for an advertisement on the Internet.

Several boards of companies signed up. This year, we observed many new trends in competing videos, such as the use of virtual reality, the so-called point of view style of video, ie a situation where the whole video takes place from the perspective of a specific individual, or funny animations, to Josef Kadlec from the Recruitment Academy.

The competition was divided into two categories – companies with more than 50 employees and company names with up to 50 employees. Symbio won the award for the best career video in the first category.

The video is bright, authentic and authentic. He scores points mainly when he speaks to the audience simply and clearly. Only one, painted on a black background, which he explains, works for his company. Even that could turn out bad if they chose the wrong act, but it didn’t happen, and the video looks great, values ​​Wlake Wittman, GoodCall’s board director and advisor for the competition.

Zelenka Czech Republic is the winner in the category of smaller companies.

EZ won the award for the best career website for the website In the first place, it was brought up by a combination of interactive graphics, a lot of information, an easy way to apply for a job, many photos, a virtual tour of branches and the real staff, not just top management.

Among small companies, has increased its website with the website: This site has many clickable sites and icons, which provide you with more information and at the same time will have fun controlling the button at the top of the page. Mon a little first, but here it just works, dodvBlake Wittman.

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