Compare the price of the obligatory ruen for the six models

Will it be better to change or will I stay with the same insurance company? Many people are asking this question, because about half of motorists are on time, when they have to pay the obligatory warranty. According to which own insurance companies set your rates?

The approach associated with setting the rates of compulsory liability in two forms at the same time, to Ji Jirsa from the Czech insurance company. The first is a reward for ideas for how to drive and how to behave on the roads, the second is the so-called segmentation, add. It simply boxes according to where you live, how old you are or how old you are, if you are single, you also have a family. The first criterion for segmentation is relatively hard. For example, existing segments may be worthy of being driven by young people or people from large cities.

While the way of driving is easy to influence a person, his or her city and city live at home. According to Jiho Jirsa, experience from abroad shows that, as a result of segmentation, they can sometimes use favorable rates and ideas for which they are not primarily intended. For example, a young hunter told his car about his birth, he gets a cheaper rate.

Choose a tailor-made insurance

We have prepared for all selected models, according to which you can make a small idea of ​​how the rates differ for individual insurance companies. If you are not in the sample models, let yourself be consumed online. For example, the www.callin servers can offer more calculations. cz or After the input, such as the contents and location of the car, the age, gender and address of permanent residence, a table with an overview of individual connections and prices for compulsory insurance will be displayed. Similar calculators have some links on their website, it is certainly a good offer to compare with each other. The price is different, in addition, some insurance companies take into account the conclusion of the contract online jet gave a discount.

So take it into account that it will take some time to select the correct connector. The transition to competition is not difficult, but it is important to remember that you must give written notice before the expiration of the contract. You can enter into a new contract with a branch of the insurance company, if you choose a insurance company at the Czech insurance company, then also on selected accounts, according to the Internet or after

The contract becomes valid at the moment the insurance premium is paid to the number of insurance companies. In the case of online payments, the contract is concluded within one hour and on weekends. If you choose to pay by bank transfer, the contract will be concluded within one and two working days. After the connection is completed, the original connection must be accompanied by a proof of connection and a green card.

Be careful, it is not always possible to go to a cheaper one

Freelance entrepreneur, 25 years from Prague, new code Fabia 1.2

How do rates from pojioven wait for a young businessman from Prague with a new car? If people use a car to do business, pay for it at a higher rate. The conspicuous secret of the fact that a hunter who uses a car to perform his permit, drives a lot, and so is a risky customer.

According to the rates that the connection companies consumed for the given model, the most favorable connection company is Triglav. If even young people drive for seven years without an accident, I will meet with the highest bonus. For this, it will be best to choose between the conjugation companies, which do not segment, ie do not differentiate between gender, place or city, but favor ideas only according to how they ride. If they don’t break down, they have the right to a bonus, a discount of five percent for each year without an accident.

In the second place is the Generali insurance company, if the price is only for crowns, the obligation is also obligatory liability for trailers up to 750 kilograms in the price of the obligatory liability of a passenger car. In other cities, prices vary by individual crowns for individual stocks. Here it is time to study the additional services and the reliability and speed of assistance services. There is a big difference, when you can have an insurance event, including towing a car taken in an hour, or go to a branch and wait, not for a lot of money.

Svobodn idika, 27 years old from Kutn Hory, 5 years old Opel Corsa 1.0

Freelancer with a small used car from a small town. How do rates wait for her? The most obligatory ruin is offered by the Generali insurance company, the newest novelty on the Wstenrot market. Although Wstenrot boasts that it favors women, in which case the driver should change the insurance only in case of the highest bonus. This means that she would have to drive for at least seven years without an accident. In the second place in this case is the Allianz insurance company, a large insurance company with branches all over the world. The first one, except for driving without accidents, is to go from smaller cities. In addition, the new company at this company has the option of obtaining a discount and 11 percent for the mandatory guarantee with a co-payment of 10 thousand crowns.

As the prices of compulsory liability for other insurance companies do not differ significantly, the woman should carefully study how the additional services of individual insurance companies offer. The so-called interconnection can be applied to most of them, ie if the customer has an accident insurance or life insurance policy for you, he will receive a five- and ten percent discount when concluding a compulsory warranty contract. Without interest, the discount that insurance companies offer when concluding a contract via the Internet or by telephone is certainly not so great. This discount is often ten percent, and it is possible to save a few hundred crowns.

Vdan one, dchodkyn, 60 years old from Brno, new code Octavia 1.6

At what rates can I find a pensioner from Brno with a new octave? The most suitable insurance in this case is the company Callin, which offers its own product of segmented compulsory liability in cooperation with the Czech insurance company. For this woman, it will be appropriate to use the first connection, which distinguishes whether he is an experienced, from a small or large city, if he has a family. If he has a family, it is a signal for the insurance company that he will drive carefully. So I try to offer in addition to the bonus jet discounts in addition. The first type in ebek, Uniqa insurance company, two discounts for seniors and holders of the ZTP order. It is therefore advisable to have more fuses closed.

The differences between the other insurance companies are not significant, even here it is good to pay attention to the reliability and reputation of the condition. With a relatively high price and a big difference from the previous ones, we will meet again a novelty on the market, the Wstenrot insurance company. If you don’t have a rich experience and don’t have the opportunity to get a discount for the maximum bonus, you probably don’t have this connection. The table shows the rates in the lowest limits, usually at least 18 million for property codes and 35 million for health codes. Some insurance companies offer more types of compulsory insurance with limits on insurance benefits and 100 million crowns.

enat zamst. mu, 25 years old from Chr ᚝an, used koda Octavia 1.9

Young employed by his family, lived in the village and actually used, but strong vz. Which insurance company will be the most suitable? In this category of cars, the amounts for compulsory insurance range from seven to less than ten thousand crowns. Only the maximum bonus, which a young hunter does not have to achieve, has a sharp dream. The lowest rate is offered by the Generali insurance company, in which the young man plays a role. In addition, if I have a trailer, he will not have to pay a mandatory fee for this connection company. About a thousand crowns more for basic insurance at the Uniqa, esk podnikatelská, Allianz and Triglav insurance companies. For other policyholders, it pays to insure only if the eum is entitled to the maximum bonus.

enat businessman, 40 years from Kolna, 3 years star Audi A6 3.2

He is middle-aged, has a family, a business and is from a small town. Own a powerful car those years old. What piece did he have to sweat with? In this highest category of car content, the entrepreneur must pay a fee of about ten thousand per year, obligatorily. But pesto will teach me two couples, esk podnikatelsk and Allianz, first of all. It has reached this limit, which is crucial for these insurance companies for a significant discount. Other prices were different, so it is important to choose an insurance company that offers reliable services. You can learn to take out insurance via the Internet and over the phone, get a few percent discount from entrepreneurs by taking out more insurance policies at one insurance company and paying premiums once a year.

Vdan zamst. one, 50 years old with Tebon, 15 years old code Favorit 1.3

A 50-year-old employee from a small town, actually an old favorite. What about her? Insurance from less than three thousand and up to three thousand. If you are entitled to the maximum bonus, the most suitable for it will be a mandatory guarantee at the Triglav insurance company. It does not offer the lowest basic rate, but it has the highest bonus and 60 percent. For other binders it is 35 percent, Wstenrot offers 55 percent. The cheapest insurance policy is offered by Callin, which is closely monitored by Generali and Czech Business. There are no significant differences in other cities either. These few hundred crowns can develop a variety of offers of additional services. Dal discounts can be applied by concluding a contract online.

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