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The office window opens and you climb the tops of the mountains. Milan Bajgar works at the Beskydy Rehabilitation Center in Eladn. It’s only for my locals.

Years ago, the director, Milan Bajgar, made a difficult decision. Either keep a small witty hospital, or build a large facility in its place for the next day. He chose the second monost. Today I see that our intuition was right. He had a hospital that would never provide patients with such services as vt, k. Now there is a spade rehabilitation center, which passes through 3 thousand clients.

Clients si chvl pstup staff, co nen vude ve zdravotnictv bn. How are you doing?

Before working, I worked in the Klimkovice spa. Then they said to me: You are the head of the sanatorium, you see two hundred employees. I was about a dozen, I didn’t have a day of experience. But thanks to that, today at the selection of employees a good estimate. I think there are two effective ways to run an institution. A form of friendship, perhaps children and family. In this approach, give people a moment to pick up their abilities and rushes. You do not misuse them in the bottom case. At the same time, you have to persuade and tear them down to see that the road is clear and we will get to customs. The kind of way that is so effective is the government of fear. Employees are severely affected by poor or poor performance, and strong killings are not lacking. For healthcare, the first method is clearly the first. In the second case, do not learn anything from the people. First of all, this is where they come first.

Whenever the bag ever made a mistake. How are you doing with submarines?

First I’ll be born and then I’ll talk about how I do it. Someone, for example, is honored by him: Messengers, Karl, you have done a foolish thing, or even confirmed. Some people prefer to use the fact that it would be better to do something differently. Anyway, if you still have the impression that you are on the right side.

Lzestv today not much profitable area. How can the rehabilitation center be modernized?

I have to be interested, follow the news on the market in our country and in the world and then find the finances so that we can share something that brings clients the opportunity to lby. I estimate that the situation will eventually develop towards pmm payments. And if they replenish the people during their stay, they will choose the best services. Therefore, we want to go to improve the accommodation conditions. We are building an apartment house in the area, its network will be easy to operate and will cover a range of other services, including underground garages. He is so far unique in his conception. So with the polar bear, which is freezing, we had a lot of fun. Abroad, the company has just introduced a new method of cryotherapy. We risked it. We took vt vr and built a polarium. The method gave him a patient huge spch. In addition to the first idea, it is always a big problem to estimate the first moment to embark on it so that it has a shower and we do not go bankrupt. Probably not much to learn, it’s about intuition and talent. In addition, I have found that eladn is a special place where things can be done that cannot be found elsewhere.

Pesto will definitely not avoid crisis. How to handle them?

Pimen dvkovan crises are a great way to speed up work. I do not have peace and quiet, then I will create the pressure and the corresponding crisis. At the arrest, when I became the director of the then hospital, I decided to cancel the maternity hospital. The load was delayed, there was no health and social insurance, no electricity. The hospital bag revolted against the canceled maternity hospital. At that time, in 1995, no one dared to ruin a department in the hospital. I found out the commander of the uprising, but instead of telling her, I told her. Mm rd odn people, there is a shortage in this country. In short, we canceled the maternity hospital five years ahead of the others, then we canceled the entire hospital and then until later. The rest started for another five years to give tot. I think that the crisis in the health care situation is very clear. Changes are healthy, they often help find a better way.

DESCRIPTION: how to present yourself first so that you are interested?

You have been the editor for twelve years. Is it possible to hit such a position?

For a hunter who manages new things and exchanges new projects, it is not the position that matters, but the possibility of carrying out the projects. as I do not divide at work and then. Prci mm stle with you in the heads. It is possible that there are people whose projects and their first time are easily poured out of their hands, but it is not very easy for me. When the project starts and runs smoothly, I become interested. Svm jeho zen jinm a zmlm neco dalho. I’m Aries, and as soon as I get closer, I don’t want boring things. It follows that I have to have people around me that I care about and can rely on. I don’t have much inclination to compromise. They should rather not take too much risk and choose the middle ground, but they should not be prone.

Milan bajgar

Born: April 18, 1958 in Ostrava
Education: Faculty of Medicine, Palacky University in Olomouc
The way up: He started as an intern at the internal department, he was an international classifier in the sport of physical disability, he worked in the Rehabilitation State of Hrabyn. He later worked as a head of the Klimkovice spa and since 1995 as the director of the Eladn Hospital, now the Beskydy Rehabilitation Center. They were the first in the country to introduce therapy for colonists staying in a freezing environment.

We sometimes need crisis situations. If the letters are twisted, speed up the work.

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