Dan: step by step formula

Although there are not many changes, this year you will have to learn how to fill out a tax return form. It is possible that thanks to the changes, most people will stick. The tax rate was reduced, he gave the dispute the newly introduced tax rebates.

Do I know it’s early to go? Don’t be fooled. The tax return can still be submitted at the end of the ordinary, but they will decide whether to submit the return themselves or as an employer.

By March 15, it is necessary to file a mandate with the tax documents, specifically a certificate of taxable income. Find out more about income, payable taxes and paid social and health insurance, ie the data needed to calculate taxes. If the employer takes care of your tax, you must provide him with all the documents.

This year it is desirable that there is not much news compared to previous years. And also that e et kapsu. For example, there were tax rebates that replace non-taxable taxes. In the letter for 2005, the discount was only for children. For dt you mete
deduction of 6000 crowns with the fact that the discount works as a bonus, which means that at zero tax you can start this hole.

In return for last year, which will take place this year, for the first time you will deduct directly from the sworn tax discount on the fee, in the amount of 7,200 crowns. Instead of 38,040 crowns, which were not deducted from taxes, but from the tax base. Thanks to discounts, you can reduce your contributions even if you have a spouse with a low income, you are a disabled pensioner, a holder of a ZTP / P card or a student. With the difference that all new items do not work as a tax bonus, which means that if it comes out to zero, you will not spend anything as in the case of a child.

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At the same time, tax rates were reduced and the pso tax was adjusted. In the first and second tax dogs, the rate dropped from the original 15 and 20 to 12 and 19 percent. At the same time, the limit of the first dog moved from 109,200 to 121,200 crowns. If her rate and tax rebates are combined, most people, their incomes fall into the first two tax dogs. In all cases, the appropriate rates may not be known, or even pay a little more.

You don’t have to cheat on the mortgage yourself

He gave the news relief to people who chanted money just because they wanted to leave the tax base for years on mortgages. You don’t have to pay for the past year, the employer spends the years for them. In the middle of the hole, it is necessary to sign in the wage thorns, so-called tax return. On his first letter, you confirm that the employer will be the only one from whom you will draw tax benefits. This means that, among other things, it will cost you 600 crowns from the tax deposit in the amount and, for example, 500 crowns, if you have dt.

On the second sheet, you can submit to the employer to pay the tax for vs. If you want to dream about, for example, paying a pension, years of mortgage, donations to charity and life insurance, you should provide him with a confirmed confirmation from pslunch organizations in this term. Sometimes people get angry that their employer asks for a lot of documents. In defense of payroll, I have to reckon that it prescribes the law and is definitely unwillingly, just about its own influence, to the adviser Alena Foukalov. The tax payment, which arises due to the year and the savings, insurance and gift, usually be deducted in regular payments.

News in taxes

■ tax rates changed, in the lowest dog the rate dropped from the original 15 to 12 percent and at the same time the limit of the first tax dog was moved to 121,200 crowns. People with incomes up to 500 thousand crowns pay a tax
■ If you want to claim years from the mortgage, you can apply to the employer
■ a new tax rebate of 7200 K on anyone who is paid

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