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Offer life insurance? One of the astch arguments is that e uette na danch. Uette.

If you are interested in life insurance, the bag will pay off for the period. Offering a tax dispute could be the same as when you get a free fainting, but you still have to buy fifteen kilograms of work.

Pid vm employer? Go for it

He decides to pay for life insurance in the moment when the employer decided to add to his pension above the wage limit. He will send me eight thousand crowns a year and these are pensions that neither you nor he will pay for 666 crowns.

The condition is that the contract will be yours, to conclude it within six years and that (if the appointment will soon be or has been) it will last at least five years. You can use a capital-type life insurance as well as a modern flexible and investment insurance.

The type of bonds should not be shown

The employer will sometimes say: I will contribute, but you must take out insurance P with Mr XY. In this case, be careful and the insurance conditions will be more careful than ever. In addition to the fact that this is not very ethical (the employer only simplifies his work when sending the contribution, but he has a promised commission from the insurance company), there is a danger: there is a change in the employer’s change in two years, but the insurance will remain. And if you agree to pay 500 msn for the next ten years, you will probably have to pay them.

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This skirt will make you happy

You can (but do not have to) pay the pension yourself, of which and 12,000 you will leave the tax deposit. It pays off especially to those who have income, because the salary tax and the amount of compensation can save up to 3840 crowns a year. Even those who have income of her, uet, but mn. Who is in the lowest tax dog, the tax will be cheaper by only 1800 crowns.

In that case, it is up to you whether the fees you pay for the insurance are not a dispute. In general, you can advise one rule: read a contract in which you will be able to change the insurance over time. If you have compulsory children and you want to be insured for a million, in ten years you will receive an extra pension paid for a risk bond, and you will prefer to save the most. Fuses called investin and flexible are suitable.

Daov record

  • the employer contributes to me and 8000 crowns, which neither he nor the employee gives
  • the employee can save me unlimited, but and 12,000 crowns you can leave me from the tax base, and dream of income tax
  • The insurance must be taken out and paid for a period of at least 5 years and must last at least up to 60 years of age of the client
  • if the insurance policy has an agreed insurance premium for doit, this insurance must be 70,000 crowns for contracts longer than 15 years (40,000 crowns for contracts up to 15 years)
  • when the client terminates the life insurance policy, he must pay the tax

Poznmka: Payments and disputes are listed in the Korunch, concerning a childless hunter who applies only a tax credit of 7200 crowns per person and otherwise other tax benefits, which can be, for example, years of mortgages, gifts, unions, etc., * gross salary after deducting social and health insurance


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