Dividend season has broken out. Abroad, a stream of plates of billions

In April, almost twenty billion crowns went abroad. They sent them there to their business owners abroad and officially started the dividend season. He gave the billions of billions of tots to wait.

In April, for example, cigarettes made by Philip Morris started paying for their shares. He also sent both companies, such as the Austrian savings bank Erste Bank in Austria, to send their pension two weeks ago. Komern banka owns the French Socit Gnrale in late June. EZ according to his small action at the arrest of August.

“The payment will take place from June 8, assuming that most foreign investors will provide the documents for the payment of the dividend so that it will be sent to them on the first day of payment,” said Martin abka, a spokesman for Telefnica O2.

According to available data, this year, with fifteen billion crowns, the number of companies sending profits out of the world. The number of members on cross-border dividends has been growing rapidly in recent years. Foreign investors are in the Czech Republic, their business usually lasts a long time, and owners can collect a lot in debt.

While six years ago the profits, which the Czech companies reinvested, several times increased the amount of debt paid out, in the last summer this ratio almost equalized. At the same time, the profit returns to us, which returns to the improved and various factories.

“This is according to the sign of the court in the economy, saying that it is not just a withdrawal pension,” said Raiffeisenbank analyst Ale Michl.

Oslab koruna?
The sailing and sailing pension decides in which direction the exchange rate of the Czech koruna will go. Meanwhile, a clear trend leads to a gym, and the Czech Republic for the first time traded for less than 24 crowns per euro. The ideas for the development of the bag vary.

“A significant profit abroad should weaken the koruna, it is a long-term negative factor,” said Tom Vlk, an analyst at Patria Finance.

He gave so sure they were not. According to analyst at esk spoitelna Martin Lobotka, the outflow of dividends will not affect the exchange rate much, because most of these pensions are secured for a long time. Companies can buy the necessary koruna on the market gradually, which does not affect the exchange rate. Some, such as Telefnica O2, Komern banka and esk spoitelna, send their own foreign dividends in korunch.

“We will send the pension to the crowns the way, transferred to another me, depending on the decision of the action,” said Simona Mkov.

According to a survey by Reuters among thirteen analysts, it is expected to be slightly weakened. For msc, forecast the exchange rate on average to 24.60 crowns per euro and for the full year to 24.90 crowns.

Sttn rozpoet si nepolep

Even a small amount of money cannot be enjoyed from the growing dividends abroad. I can’t see anything in them.

“It is important, according to a foreign company in the Czech subsidiary of the company,” explains the apparent dividend sent out by Tom Pelikn from Terrinvest, dealing with, among other things, tax consulting.

If the owner of the company is from the European Union and owns more than a tenth, according to less than a year, dividends are exempt from tax here and in the owner’s country.

“So in this case I can only look sad and watch,” to Pelikn, noting that such a right follows from the European first.

These conditions are met by most large companies sending profits. Owners who have moved their hands abroad, which is most often the Netherlands, can also use the bag. This is the case of PPF Group Petr Kellner, OKD Zdek Bakaly and other rich ones.

“However, dividends are paid from the profit after the tax of companies and these taxes are collected in the Czech Republic,” said Marie Konen, KPMG’s tax advisory partner. Even esk stt enjoys the company.

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