Dlum a nemm na spltky

Small vry often take people with low income. They have the greatest risk that they will not be able to handle the installments. The number of consumer vr is about three billion msn. When we take the average loan of 70 thousand crowns, it is each month almost 60 thousand new consumer gates. edest tisc people who will get into trouble.

At the same time, people’s incomes are not growing as much as their incomes. When deregulation of it, healthy energy, people who have been able to meet so far do not suddenly have a pension. And he doesn’t even have to drink the disease or the dismissal, Hynek Filip from the company Sampa Invest, who will deal with the debt.

Neplatm: What will dt be?
If you do not pay the installment, the teacher will remind you in the field, where he will ask you to settle your volumes as soon as possible. If you do not respond, a call will be sent to you. It is such an intermediate stage to go to court and execution.

He tries to persuade people to pay. It is up to him to explain to non-paying clients that if they pay now, it will cost me far, not when the whole thing will go to court. From now on, the debt will increase astronomically. According to the conditions of financial institutions, years of delay are, for example, 36 percent of the year, the court fee is 1,000 crowns, then some kind of contractual penalty, the executor about 15,000 and a total of 20,000. Until then, he only has to pay the principal and possibly out-of-court costs, which, however, are far from reaching this point, warns Hynek Filip.

And what can I not do? He has practically nothing but a call and agreement. Definitely don’t roll up your sleeves and get out.

Vitel vm nedaj as
Dlunk has to pay, or at least agree on spltkch quickly. Vitel toti nem as ekat a spch s allobu na soud. Today, the company is a long way off for a long time than you a year ago, everyone wants their pensions back. And whoever comes two, the one who gets it, gets hard, enforces it and adds that the work has a long time. Whoever removes the words, I can expect a court order.

Execution is over
I have a long time to appeal against the court’s decision, but in most consumer cases such a step is nothing. The court usually confirms the original judgment, only the fees you will have to pay are nav.

The whole two lengthy process accelerated sharply. It is no exception that the court issues a payment order within 14 days of receiving the application. And it is up to the court how to pay off my debt, if after fixed urench spltkch, even in a sudden.

By issuing the execution order, it was delivered to the executor, who may decide on the further procedure. While the debtor has to rely on a voluntary decision of the debtor to pay his share, the executor is not interested in the pension, he goes straight to the property. Affected in the real estate first, then incomes, you, savings and only finally I get TV and hi-fi in. The impairment of property is very rare, there is little interest in moving things, because there is a lot of news, says Hynek Filip.

The fridge and slingshot will remain in it
What can the executor confiscate? First of all, they are movable daily necessities, basic household equipment, as well as those that are used directly to provide income, for example with a sweat programmer. So you don’t have to worry that only bare walls will remain, but it won’t be the case at the bottom. You can drink, for example, a microwave, television, books and a brewer.

When will you stop paying the loan:
■ The final status in m called and reminds you to pay or just a reminder. At this time, you can only pay the principal, called the fee for the last reminder (100 and 400 crowns).
■ If you do not pay the installment, the creditor has sent the debt and wants to pay it all at once.
■ The call will be sent to you. He usually contacts you by phone, the field is called by at least two calls. Only in case you have to pay only a small amount, not in debt. If you do not have the pension to be repaid, it is possible to agree on an installment plan.
■ Don’t rely on it, not all companies use the services of extortion companies, some of whom go to court.
■ If you do not pay this time either, the creditor will be tried. The court will issue a payment order, which you will then receive into your own hands. You can file a so-called opposition to the decision within 15 days.
■ When you do not respond, take action in court. What the first executor is looking for, bad for his prison. Mostly it is in the property, according to the bank’s bank and find out how much you have the spoen. If it does not pay off the debt, seize in the salary. Attention, foreclosure is a priority before you: first you have to pay debts, then you can pay the money, such as rent, energy, water, telephone, etc.

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