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While in the US investors after positive water were spinning in the course of the week spending on sales, domestic stocks on the stock exchange were still despite the political instability of the state and the influx of new funds helped them to grow. The funds were thus able to influence the pension, even though they, with some exceptions, stagnated in performance.

Stock stocks in the US began a week-long shift, when the Nasdaq technology was helped to send mainly by Apple, while Dow Jones lost slightly, mainly due to the loss of AIG. In this case, all markets were successful and the main indices reached the highest values ​​this year. On Wednesday, the Fed’s Alan Greenspan speech on the state of the economy and the associated impact of further growth in annual rates had a negative impact on the markets. A sharp decline then prevented the growth of steel companies.

Nothing hinder her action on Thursday, technological titles lost the most. However, all indices recorded declines. The end of the week was in the spirit of his arrest. Not even a slight messenger helped the Dow Jones index close the week in the black, but the loss of the technology Nasdaq deepened on the last day of the week (DJIA -0,1 %, Nasdaq -0,87 %, S&P 500 -0,33 %).

The stock market continued the trend from the previous week. Komern banka has been making a big difference since the arrest, which is growing overall in demand for banking securities throughout Central Europe. Its steep all-day growth stopped and the correction at the end of the week. Trading in EZ shares also reached a large volume. The stock rose sharply and at the end of the week, more than 400 K per share

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vak urit stand for it.

The strongest growth during the week was Unipetrol, which, after a week of stagnation and decline, recorded a huge increase to 140 K per share, which represents an increase of 11.4%. The second highest finger of the week was recorded by Orco (+ 2.9%), on the other hand, after a very fast week, Philip Morris did not succeed this time, its shares fell below 19,000 K (-2.5%). Despite the unfavorable political situation with us, both major indices ended up in the black (PX-D +1,03 %, PX 50 +1,05 %).

The fund was helped by Central Europe

Good results on the stock market in our country, but also on the markets of other Central European countries, will be reflected in the performance of the fund will focus on these regions. Most of it til stock fund ISS Sporotrend (+ 2.78%) investing mainly in Polish and Hungarian shares, the jet fund recorded good performance SOB Stock Mix (+1,44

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%). However, the exchange funds investing in the market of Central Europe, specifically funds, were successful IKS Balancovan (+2,57 %) a UNDER stedoevropsk (+ 2.49%). All money market funds recorded a positive performance.

However, most of the other funds stagnated and, compared to the first week, more funds with questionable performance appeared in the statistics. Both funds in a row failed to hit both funds in a row. The best performance among funds last year was recorded by two equity funds, AKRO Svt (-1.28%) and IKS Svtovch index (-0,73 %).

sales after the first week, when the statistics were strongly influenced by buyouts of institutional investors, they recorded positive values ​​and all groups of funds could write their fingers. The money market fund was the most successful (+324.9 million CZK), where the fund recorded the highest sales IKS Penn trh (+233.0 million K). Bond funds (+119.0 million CZK) sold out over time, where they excelled ISS Sporobond (+88.1 mil. K) and investors also made their way to the fund in exchange (+114.7 mil. K) on the element with the SOB Central European Fund (+58.2 mil. K).

Trading according to UNIS

Type of fundThe bestThe worst
Nzev fondAs a resultNzev fondAs a result
SharesISS-SPOROTREND2,78%AKRO Svt-1,28%
SOB Stock mix1,44%IKS Svtovch index-0,73%
PI rop. a energ.0,73%PI Nov economy.-0,40%
BondsAMSLICO stredoeurp.1,51%ISS-SPOROBOND-0,27%
ISS-TRENDBOND0,43%IKS Bonds-0,27%
IKS Plus bondov0,37%Pioneer – oblige-0,13%
Funds fundISS-GLOBALTREND-0,07%
ICS Fund Fund-0,07%
Pennho MarketISS SPOROINVEST0,06%PI Pennho Market0,03%
SOB Entries0,04%SOB Entries0,03%
IKS Penn trh0,03%
SmenIKS Balancovan2,57%SOB Quantity combined-0,32%
UNDER Stedoevropsk2,49%SOB Nadan-0,06%
J&T Opportunity CZK1,43%MAX-world guaranteed-0,05%
is sales of mil. KIKS Penn trh233,0ISS-EUROTREND-7,2
ISS SPOROINVEST97,2Pioneer-dynamick-6,4
ISS-SPOROBOND88,1Pioneer – Sporokonto-5,8

Zdroj: UNIS

Thus, the share of funds managed by ING and SOB / KBC will still be felt by investors and can be seen in their net sales. The sales of the SOB / KBC fund last week amounted to K 459.3 million, mainly due to the money market fund of the Multi Cash group. Thus, ING funds recorded good sales of CZK 140.1 million, to which the Czech Equity Fund and the Czech Bond Fund contributed in particular.

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