Do not throw away entries from it for at least a year, otherwise you will avoid a wallet

Most clients do not keep these entries and often do not check individual transactions in them. But this is a mistake that may not pay off. Copies of old entries in the future can be published for printing crowns and take a few days.

Je paprov vpis z tu nutn?
The overview of the status and movement on one’s own bank should be of interest to everyone here, but only a few people check the individual items of the same entry. The reason is not so much as uneasy as the fact that, especially in electronic banking, the client knows everything about the day to his knowledge during the month. The title entry sent here by the bank therefore seems to many people as a worthless old document.

It is impossible to get rid of the bag completely. The bank is obliged to inform the client about all transactions to this account, at least once a year.

For good reason, it pays to hide at least a few msc entries

At least 3 msce
– immediately after receiving the bank’s entry, it is recommended to check the transactions, or to question the transactions in doubt (the deposit of the entry can then be recommended at least until the complaint is issued);

– you will submit the entries for the last month (completely except for the period of the period) where the children apply for the consumer and the mortgage, ie outside their home bank;

– You will need the last msn entries even if you handle, for example, reason.

Year and according to
– Old entries from here can be useful even if you will pay for the payment of two social needs, because you will be prompted to submit the entry for the whole last year;

– an entry from the bank can also be used here as a tax document, if you include television and radio fees as expenses in your ethnic group;

– It is advisable to consider a custody for a period of less than one year, even if it pays off, and pay a living fee to the child and explain the difference in the property ).

You can therefore avoid a lot of inconveniences and even litigation by keeping a written entry from here. It is practically non-existent. Most banks do not want to decide on the retention period entry from here only to clients listed. They are always wrong about how transactions take place here, and thus on different specific needs.

Internetov bankovnictv nen vdy eenm
It is not reasonable to completely rely on internet banking. Even this is limited and the necessary information must be saved at least several times a year. Most banks only allow their clients to report back a year.

According to information obtained from banks, Citibank will offer the shortest view of history here – only the last three months, on the contrary, eBanka did not go, which provides a view of the entire history here (ie from its inception). The second deadline for the control of transactions is again provided by Komern banka, which is three years. Such an above-standard two-year return can be checked by GE Money Bank clients, clients of SOB and Potovn spoitelny, then 18 months.

And if you don’t forget about the history and you need jet star entries, you will have to dig a little deeper into your oven pocket. Fees for these entries range from 40 to 500 crowns per piece. It is then up to you whether you prefer to define the place for entries in the cabinet and in the office (in the case of electronic entries), or whether I prefer to pay a one-time fee for those entries, which he will really need, and have the bank make copies.

Fees charge for duplicates of old entries
BankSt entryPrice in K / pc
BAWAG Bankafter 1 year500
Citibankcopy of the entry90
esk spoitelnaup to 1 year
UNDERdo 3 msc
eBankamimodn40 + price for communication channel
Komern bankna vydn100 + 5 for
kadou gave p.
Potovn spoitelnaper 6 mscch200

on the floor

UniCredit Bankafter 1 year
after 2 years
WSPKafter 2 years100

* prices listed in the salary area today for clients of ivnostensk banka, from 5 November 2007 they will apply to clients of UniCredit Bank, ie also to current clients of HVB Bank

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