Do you have a chip? Don’t worry, you don’t have to drink for your pension

Most people go through it at least once a year. You are hot, you are constantly cold, it is useless and you would like to dig into the foam all day long. But in the end, you get dressed anyway and go to work, because you don’t want to lose your money.

Some employers do not know anything about employees with lace at work. But many companies have such a situation with common sense. Motivate sick employees not to go to work. He tries to replace the worker’s salary and prevent the lace from falling into the workplace. And it pays off.

For many companies, it is advisable to leave the patient at home and not cut his salary. In such a case, there is no danger of the disease being passed on to colleagues and employees who are not missing their income, according to Tom Surka, executive director of the personnel consulting company McROY for Central and Entrance Europe.

How companies situation e

The employer is ill for a short time in various ways. Among the benefits for employees in a number of companies have taken over the so-called sick days, which is the opportunity to stay at home for the first time without medical confirmation. Businesses most often spend those days in the recovery ron.

The second option is to work from home, which companies offer to employees under the name home office. This model also comes in handy for short-term mild illnesses. Home office or sick days are woven especially before office professions.

The people of production often use the usual sick leave for chip or other autumn diseases. The company bag can also come out of them. An often used employee benefit is to make up for the difference between sick pay and full pay so that people do not lose their salary during illness, says Tom Surka.

News in hospital facilities

Short-term incapacity for work means a sharp drop in income. Domestic laws include the illness as follows: the first three days of illness, the employee is not entitled to a day compensation, the following time (up to thirteen days) the employer pays. In case of illness, the sickness payment is paid from the insurance.

This year’s novelty is that in the event of an illness that will last, according to them, the patient will only have a slight improvement, because they will be reimbursed for their sickness benefits. 60% and from the 61st calendar day then 72%, Jana Buraov, who speaks the first time of social security, is approaching this year. The calculator for orienteering is available on the website of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

How are you doing in your company? Share your own experience and an idea of ​​how to read the chip period.

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