Do you want to stick in English? Choose a summer course

Do you need to stick to English? Dog holidays have a lot of baldness. Just think about how much time you have, your pension and how intensively you want to devote yourself to education. Most language rounds offer special summer courses. Choose from the board of the Czech Republic and abroad.

If you decide to stay abroad for a holiday round, the program will look roughly the same in the world. You can live in a host family, guest house or hotel.

In the morning you teach classes in the same advanced groups, in the afternoon and in the evening a free program is prepared. Flyings, rides, stands, cinema, theater, concerts, sports. One afternoon a week and every Sunday is free.

For intensive courses, spend in the dark and in the afternoon. On behalf of the children, the local organizer will supervise all day long.

“Twenty hours of tuition a week will cost about 19 and 20 thousand crowns. Wrong in the city you are going to, ”says Eva Libensk from the Skivnek languages.

Thanks to strong crowns, exchange rates abroad are cheaper
Abroad stays for children and adults will be cheaper thanks to the falling exchange rate this year. That sweated you, Daniel’s dearest from Prague, her teenage son will work for two weeks in Brighton, South England.

“The price was sometimes hidden at the end of the year, and since the pound is much cheaper for us, the amount we have to pay has also fallen,” said the mother of the high school student. The stay, which includes daily one-hour tuition, afternoon programs and accommodation in host families, a city of no more than thirty thousand will cost the family about 27 thousand crowns.

“We managed the transport thanks to low-cost airlines for five thousand. We will spend about the same amount on our pocket money, ”says Daniel Najdrov, expending the costs of summer stickers for his English son.

Tip: Also pay for transport costs to transport and to the bike, because somewhere you have to drive a kilometer from the plane and extra boards, extra food, pocket money and a reserve for no complications.

You have to make arrangements in families

“If you choose the course appropriately and combine, for example, 30 hours of teaching with various social activities, which the language courses give to your students, with a stay with host families, you can communicate in a language about 40 and 60 hours a week,” read the language rounds website.

Accommodation in families brings with you various problems – you do not have to be satisfied with food or accommodation. These are also things you will have to eat. English (German, Pan English).

Tip: You can stay in a dormitory or in a hotel in the host family. You have to deal with all the costs and the possibility of communication. You will discuss the situation with your host family and learn to understand and respond in a foreign language.

You move the whole language level after msc

During your three-day stay, you will be able to improve your ability to communicate in a foreign language a lot. According to experts, 140 and 160 teaching hours are needed to move one language level.

“The stays provided by our bikes are at least thirteen days. The offer includes bicycles throughout Europe and elsewhere in the world. The choice of language and the conditions under which you go out into the world depends only on your requirements and financial possibilities, ”offers Heda Elstnerov’s plight from the languages ​​of the Akcent cola.

Tip: You can still sign up for summer stays abroad. The offer is quite wide and you should choose each. Go abroad with nminina, French, panltina and Italian.

Better to Slapy than to Brest

If you have no experience abroad or you want to have your branches within reach, you can find stay courses in all of them. Combine stay stays parents with children.

“The weekly courses at the hotel for sale are very popular, offering a pleasant combination of skills and sports,” said Eva Libensk from Skivnek. For 8 hours of a foreign language per day, accommodation, half board and a public program in the language used, pay 10,590 crowns.

“For the children we have a three-day camp. And for those who do not want to leave home, there are weekly intensive twenty-hour courses. They are arranged in them according to age and straight. The courses will run from 15 July to 15 August and cost 1,870 crowns per week.

If the children complete another week, they have discounts, as well as a discount for siblings, ”continues Heda Elstnerov’s offer of summer opportunities. “For adults, let’s open repetitive, intensive, thematic courses and preparation for exam languages,” adds.

Tip: Attendance courses are offered by lto most languages. You can choose from everything straight from full stops and after a lot of progress. You will find the courses vary intensively according to your own time possibilities, from weekly to ten days and to monthly. You should not pay more than 120 crowns for an hour or groups.

With a laptop on a blanket

And if you don’t like mass education and you don’t have time or pensions for special courses, try learning the help yourself on the Internet. On the portal for language support, the language you will find dictionaries, grammar, relias, examples of the use of words in vtch, word processing and tests, in which you will find out how you are doing in English, German, Panltin, French, routines and English. .

In addition, the page will lead to a universal dictionary where you will find translations of more than six world languages.

Tip: You can open the pages of any foreign newspaper or magazine on the Internet (www.,,,, which you will find on the name of each search. In the second window, open the dictionary and you can start adding.

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