Do you want vr? How to handcuff in a specific case

Everywhere you have to secure yourself and meet it in some way. The possibility of fulfillment must be proven to the bank. The bank will be interested in what the funds are used for. The first of these parameters is engraved. They differ in terms of maturity, installments, year, maturity and reinsurance.

For financial housing, it is most often used to mortgage or from a building society. The main advantage is the rate and the maturity of the low years. These vry have no installments and their price is not high. The main advantage of consumer goods is their productivity. There is no need for a bond on financial property and it is possible to bond, for example. on equipped households or on things that are not directly related to real estate. Their inconvenience is the high price and short maturity. Part of the maturity period would not be used anyway, because it is good to repay the tracks as soon as possible. Their use burdens the family budget, and therefore reduces the possibility of erpn and fulfillment of other incl.

Mortgages have been used much longer lately. This is related to the decline in annual rates from hypotenches, incl. In 1998, they were even above 13% of ron. Since then, keep falling. The price of vr is comparable to the price of vr from the building savings. In the case of a building joint, we must deserve a long joint. Long maturity reduces mortgage payments.

Typical properties incl

Spotlight free

Mortgages free

vry ze stavebnho spoen (+ peklenovac)

Consumer mortgage vr (American mortgage)

Maturity incl

1 year and 10 years

5 let a 25 let

About 8 and 10 years. The maximum maturity periods are about 20 years

5 a 15 let

years rate

From 9% (and more)

Around 47%

About 4.56%

About 78%



Very low (with long maturities)



Sttn support

They are not

Sttn support for new housing, for old housing tax returns

Obsaena v sti spoen daov odpoty

They are not

zajitn vru

Real estate is not required. Secured by ve vru

Securing real estate is mandatory

Real estate is not required. Secured by ve vru


elovost vru


Real estate investment

one own housing


The disadvantage of mortgages is at least in the heat. Urit will not use a mortgage in the amount of 80,000 K for the reconstruction of the bathroom core. He gave an unsuitable mortgage, the need to be secured in the mortgage. Vry from the building society are very popular in cases where the volume is financed and in cases where we do not want to build a property. They are useful for the time being as a supplement to mortgage loans, when the property is mortgaged due to a mortgage and resources are needed.

The consumer mortgage (US mortgage) is something between a mortgage and a consumer mortgage. It has the same purpose as consumer goods, so it is possible to draw funds for anything. You buy a car, equipped with an apartment, stay between the manels and the like. He has the same protection with the mortgage. It is necessary to secure it with a mortgage first to the property.

The first necessity of the mortgage first pedurages you in this faith. At least in the range of somewhere from 100,000 K. It is not reasonable to take it back, because the real year is a real time. Also related to maturity. Maturities are spe stedndob or long-term. years rate is you not at hypotench vr, but only by a small. Ensuring this rum is of good quality and has few risks for the bank.

excerpt from the book: Personal and Family Finance

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