Doba levnch pjek skonila

NB has raised years and mortgages are healthy. Some banks disadvantage old clients. Frantiek Pompl will meet the mortgage in esk spoiteln for the tenth year. From last July, the bank will pay the bank for more money. On their own, not only a healthy mortgage, but also the fact that going to another bank is not always possible.

In a similar situation as him, this year will be about a hundred thousand people, whose time, when they had a year and darkness in a mortgage, will be frozen. With the new year, more will apply.

The last time the Czech National Bank raised the base year was to increase the amount of deposits. Est banks spoke in favor of a quarter of a percent increase. the years thus grew to the maximum ptilet. One bank leaned to go more expensive outside the year, by a full percent.

Banks do not even wait for the NB and increase their health as the years on the interbank market go up. Some of the older clients, who have a fixed year, are at a disadvantage before the new ones.

František Pompl paid the last two years a year frozen at vi 4.09 percent. For the next two years, the June esk spoitelna offered him a year of 5.69 percent, which in his case means more than a questionnaire.

I asked at SOB and I would get 4.8 percent as a new client, describes Pompl. However, he could not get a better offer, because he learned about three weeks a week from the savings bank and the transfer to another bank, you SOB, would take at least a month.

In addition, the rate was in your case caused by the increase in the price of the source, the employee of the savings bank in Pilsen replied according to the correspondence available to MF DNES. And he offered him a discount in the frozen year for five years at 5.82 percent. According to the letter of the savings bank, the standard rate is 6.02 percent.
However, the average year provided by banks for new loans for five years was not one percent lower in June, according to the Hypoindex, which is needed by the Fincentrum financial portal.

The banks themselves have two questions if they offer existing clients the same year as new ones, different answers. Only Raiffeisenbank and GE Money Bank answered yes. Spoitelna and Hypotn banka stated that it was bad for the years on the market and the individual evaluation of the client. Komern banka has admitted that it will be your year for existing clients. Roman Ondrkov, on behalf of the bank, will offer a discount in the form of a rate to new clients due to the cost of meeting, for example with the equipment of the apartment.

The growth of the year is not over
Publicly, the year of the central bank, which is trying to slow down the falling prices of goods and services, is not the last year for a year or five. Analysts expect that this year the NB will test and pick up years to go at least once, again by a quarter of a percent. Five years ago he gave at least two outside.

Along with the darkness, mortgages will gradually improve and he will give vry. With an average mortgage of 1.6 million for twenty years, this will mean an increase in the number of installments compared to the day by almost a thousand.

Economists do not agree on whether they prefer to take a frozen loan for a year or five. I recommend a five-year fixation for a mortgage. A small year during the fixed fixation is marked by significant certainty regarding future installments, for example Pavel Sobek, an economist at HVB Bank. On the other hand, Ale Michl from Raiffeisenbank likes to go to vr with a year frozen for a maximum of three years.

In the future, the price of mortgages will also depend on whether the Czech Republic will be able and willing to accept the euro in 2012, as the government fulfills today. Then the Czech and European years should be compared. But ours are not a union.

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