Dollar million pibv, in Czech there are over 17 thousand

Dollar million in esku stle pibv. Last year, their number increased to 17 thousand. Help them and a strong crown. The dollar is at the current exchange rate of about 15.5 million crowns, last year, this amount would not be enough for one million dollars.

At a rate of around 21 crowns per dollar, only a dog would own 700 thousand dollars.

In addition to a strong crown, the growth of wealth is due to the growing thorn of world markets. The information comes from the World Wealth Report, published by Capgemini and Merryll Lynch.

The Czech Republic is thus copying the development in the world, where the number of one million dollars increased by six percent compared to the lot, ie to 10.1 million. The wealth of these people at the sum of about 40 trillion dollars. In the Czech Republic, the number of million dollars increased by 15 percent.

Yachts and netradin zitky
As the study shows, millions do not have their disputes, but patina. Typical figures are private planes, yachts and luxury cars. A significant amount of investment last year was accounted for by expenditures on collectibles and art objects. The ownership of sports clubs is no exception.

The new trend was the adventurer of holidays and “buying a kit”, which accounted for 13.5 percent, giving a million. A typical example is the trip to Italy with a private circuit in a luxury Ferrari, a week-long trip around the world and an expedition to the rainforests in Brazil.

“Over the last two years, global demand for similar tourism products has increased by more than 15 percent. This trend is evident in the Czech Republic as well – it is rich to discover new and untraditional tourist destinations, to fulfill its journeys in detail and to rely on the services of specialized agencies, ”confirms Ji Briford from Capgemini.

So invest a lot in real estate. In the center of the Czech Republic are luxury apartments in Prague and land in the vicinity of Prague.

Bankovn it products on mru

With the growing sweat of a million, the rapid progress of private banking can be observed. Very wealthy people are often dissatisfied with standard banking products, but look for highly individual, tailor-made financial products.

“The number of Komern banka’s private banking clients has been growing at a rate of 15-25% over the past two years. At the end of last year, the private bank at KB served Piblin tisc client, who is one of the very rich people according to this study, ”said Vladimr Jebek, Deputy General Manager for Distribution with Komern banka.

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