Domc funds: is the end of optimism?

World stocks have had a highly volatile week behind them due to fears of further market developments and thus oil prices. esk shares did not turn out the best after a good arrest. The results from the market thus affected the performance of the fund, from which funds were again lost after those weeks.

The results list is in full swing and even though the results are published better than expected, the markets react to them with large fluctuations and, as last week, all the most monitored indicators lost (DJIA -1,29 %, Nasdaq -0,52 %, S&P 500 -1.25). This causes uncertainty from the further development of the longest games on the market.

The price of oil, which again exceeded the maximum when it climbed and at the level of $ 55 per barrel, was a factor in the uncertainty that caused uncertainty. This development was largely due to the fact that the US foreign trade deficit rose to $ 54 billion in August, which is the second highest value in history. Equity markets in Europe were characterized by the same volatility, which traditionally has followed developments in the men’s markets.

The Czech stock exchange started a good week and on the first trading day it again exceeded its maximum, and the PX 50 index exceeded the 900 point mark (PX-D 2248.6 point, PX 50 902.3 point). Even then, both indices ended the week with a questionable balance (PX 50 -0.03%, PX-D -0.49%). At the end of the week, the shares of EZ (tern new record 281.5 K) and Komern banka proved to be the biggest drivers, responding to the high investment recommended (Monday + 5.37%). The EZ bag did not keep up with this pace by the end of the week, and in the end, after a long time, it ended the week with a loss (-1.4%).

Good week was recorded by Zentiva (+ 1.8%), which was pushed up by a good investment recommended by Merrill Lynch and again to hit the 600 K. Philip Morris shares (-3.2%), which fell after firstly about the future health of cigarettes and so for fear of bad results for the third quarter.

Equity fund performance: a disaster

The unfavorable development on the stock markets this week had a very significant effect on the performance of the fund, especially the stock market. All the funds got into a lot of money, the funds were the best ivnobanka shares (-2,42 %), IKS Svtovch index (-2,26 %) a PI new economy (-2,20

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%). Overall, they were the worst performers of all the funds in the statistics of the Union of Investment Companies (UNIS), then seconded them to go ICS Fund Fund with performance -2.13%. So there were a few between the shifts of the funds, which did not do very well in the past week, and the most bad mood on the markets was most pronounced on the fund. PI Smen (-1,10 %).

When action is not taken, bonds rise and this correlation is reflected in the performance of bond funds, which, with the exception of the ivnobanka – Nadan fund (-0.36%), ended all weeks with a positive performance. They were the best ISS-Trendbond (+0,84 %) a IKS Bonds (+ 0.65%). Money market funds do not break out of their trend either, and they all ended in the week.

ist sales after those weeks in mnus

After those weeks, the domestic funds again lost money and it was not a loss of anything (-891.9 million K). The fund was the best on it SOB wealth with questionable sales of -856.9 million CZK, the fund did not excel either ICS Global Conservative, which lost 144.6 million K of funds in a week. Funds were raised on the other side

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IKS Penn trh (+21.2 million K) and Max – worlds guaranteed (+64.8 million K). Of course, most of the money was added to the fund ISS Sporoinvest (+223.4 thousand. K).

As ISS wants to limit this policy to the investor (focusing on only one money market fund), it has decided to offer its potential clients a comprehensive unit in the form of an investment profile. After completing the questionnaire at any branch, the client will be prepared an investment profile, for which one of the combinations of ISS and Erste-Sparinvest funds will be offered. Depending on the degree of risk, how the client is willing to take in his investment, he will be offered a combination of funds, which characterize the individual profiles: careful, conservative, balanced, or dynamic. The company thus wants to offer clients a suitable and efficient system, especially those who are afraid to invest in funds with a high risk. In the future, the company fulfills the development of these activities with the possibility of the distribution of basic products with a sophisticated form of investment.

Trading according to UNIS

Type of fundThe bestThe worst
Nzev fondAs a resultNzev fondAs a result
SOB Stock mix-1,11%IKS Svtovch index-2,26%
PI rop. a energ.-1,59%PI new economy-2,20%
IKS Bonds0,65%PI corp. bond0,09%
ivnobanka-oblige0,57%ISS-S korp. dluhop.0,20%
Funds fundISS-GLOBALTREND-0,70%
ICS Fund Fund-2,13%
Pennho MarketIKS Penn trh0,15%SOB entries0,06%
SmenJ&T Opportunity CZK1,78%PI Smen-1,10%
ISS-Entries0,56%ivnobanka dynamick-0,78%
IX Globe. conservative0,39%IKS Balancovan-0,69%
is sales of mil. KISS-SPOROINVEST223,4SOB wealth-856,9
MAX – svt. guarantor.64,8IX Globe. conservative-144,6
IKS Penn trh21,2UNDER Kylov-70,0

Zdroj: UNIS

Unlike domestic funds, both ING and KBC funds were successful in certain sales. ING funds ended the week with positive net sales of K 6.5 million, with ING (L) Invest US (ECC), which invests in US stocks included in the S&P 500 index, with the most net sales of 13 million. .6 million K (0.5 million USD). The KBC fund, which achieved 362.2 million K of net sales in a week, performed better in sales. The hedge funds contributed significantly to this result. In addition to these existing funds last week, he gave the fund, SOB Svtov Strom 2, and from now to the end of the week, he wrote sales of more than 86.4 million K.

SOB Svtov Tree 2

From 12.10 to 30.11 there is a favorable subscription period for the new hedge fund of SOB / KBC. The SOB Svtov Strom 2 fund is a part of the open-end fund Fund Partners, SICAV and is maintained in Czech crowns. The minimum investment is 10,000 K and the duration of the fund is set at 4 years. The fund’s return is based on the development of 20 global equities from various business sectors. The entry fee in the preferred subscription period is 2%. The fund’s return is based on the base year of 3.8%. If all shares in the next year reach at least 85% of the value of the initial period, the return multiplied by a coefficient of 1.5 will be clicked for the next period. If at least one stock does not exceed the 85% threshold, the previous entry will be the same. The minimum guaranteed return on investment at maturity is 9.15%, the investor can increase the maximum amount of investment up to 30.88%.

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