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Natural gas in the Czech Republic since July 1, very healthy. The largest domestic gas seller, RWE Transgas, will raise prices by an average of 9.6 percent. Piblin same health Prask plynrensk. The energy group E.ON, which supplies gas to the south, increases the most by 15 percent.

Companies raise record expensive oil due to rising prices. “This high number cannot be fully offset by either an exceptionally strong koruna or a weak US dollar,” E.ON said in the press.

Households that take gas from RWE will pay an average of 9.6 percent more since July.

The least pipette family who gas only in you. Msn about eight crowns. On the contrary, it will rise most where they use gas for heating, water heating and boiling. On average by 294 crowns.

How and where health

Note: This is a map of RWE. Therefore, the regions where the gas is provided by E.ON or Prask plynrensk are not included.

RWE has risen twice this year. In January, it averaged 7.4 percent, and since April, it averaged 3.1 percent. – April brought a boom in gas

Households that supply gas to E.ON and who, in addition to boiling, also use gas for water heating and heating, ie have a high consumption, can pay hundreds of crowns. According to the company, households that use gas only for cooking will rise by only a few crowns.

Piblin fifteen percent health so small customers. quarterly prices for medium customers of E.ON increase by an average of 10 percent. This applies to customers with a consumption of less than 60 thousand meters per year.

E.ON raised gas prices for the last time an average of 7.5 percent in January this year.

The crackdown in the gas industry, which is causing natural gas to the inhabitants of the Czech capital, has risen by 9.55 percent since July. The company, like RWE, rallied twice this year – in January and April.

Praan, which uses gas to heat water, boiling and heating, can be added about 176 crowns.

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