Don’t worry about funds

At the end of the year, Blc was affected by activity on the stock markets, which fluctuated at a very low level during the week. Not only the American stock exchanges, but also the nae exchange started a quiet week. In domestic funds, a similar reluctance of investors did not manifest itself, which had a positive effect on certain sales.

In America, trading began at a very calm pace last week, and after a further drop in the dollar and the euro, the indices came to a halt, not even helped by the falling price of oil (which only led to a decline in oil companies). The second trading day helped the actions of consumer yard growth, its index ended well above normal, and companies can look forward to the willingness of customers to spend their pensions and generate their profits.

On Wednesday, oil demanded that its price rose by 4.5% after US oil supplies unexpectedly fell. It did not affect so many bomb flows in Sadsk Arbia. Boeing, which lost its order from 2005 onwards, presented a sharp decline. On the last trading day of the year, activity fell again and the indices thus recorded relatively small fluctuations during the week. The most significant change was recorded by the Nasdaq technology (DJIA -0,41 %, Nasdaq +0,74 %, S&P500 +0,17%).

Similar to the USA, on the Prague Stock Exchange (BCPP) the activity in water was negligible. Monday was the last session with the launch in 2004 in the T + 3 PSE system and the activity was limited to domestic investors. Only Komern banka took the bag with a drop.

All fallout titles were purchased from Terka. Unipetrol did the most in the market, gaining 5.3% to 98.2 K per share during the week. The largest weekly increase was recorded by the surprising pharmaceutical company Zentiva, which started its growth on Wednesday with values ​​of 757.5, which is an increase of 6.3%. Significant week-on-week changes were recorded in Tel (+ 4.3%) and EZ (+ 3.2%), while other titles ended slightly. However, both indices recorded a sympathetic change to leprosy (PX-D + 2.0%, PX 50 + 2.07%). At the end of the year, the over-the-counter market was also successful, ending the calendar year at its all-time high of 1,443.51 points.

Domc funds did not care

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Domestic share of funds with a similar loss lasted a week, and seven funds (including all J&T funds) in the error statistics show that sales and redemption volumes were similar to the previous week. In total, domestic funds recorded positive sales in the amount of 344.2 million K. As usual, money market funds took care of the most, among them the two strongest, ISS Sporoinvest (+244,0 mil. K) a IKS Penn trh (+149.5 thousand. K).

Bond funds with disputed sales in the amount of -77.7 million K were the only ones to record a loss. The fund took care of the most. IKS Bonds (-86.3 million K), which he aptly seconded ISS Trendbond (-40.7 million K). Marn turned upside down ISS Sporobond, which with certain sales of 38.2 million CZK occupied a total of a city among many funds.

It was not so much the case with the funds, in this case only money market funds can boast of 100% positive results. The biggest fluctuations were of course in the equity funds, the best of them (and the total) ended PI biotechnology pharmacy (+ 1.43%), the worst equity fund (equal to the total) was the fund IKS Svtovch index with vkonnost -0.62%.

Fairy tales

Over one percent of the weekly performance to go got a shift fund IKS Balancovan (+ 1.40%) and shares ISS Sporotrend (+ 1.18%). Its performance was even 40 percent, which is clearly the best result among UNIS funds.

The ING Czech Equity Fund CAP with a performance reaching the limit of 50% charged a strong performance growth. As usual, this was also possible for investors to pay a week, and its sales reached the value of 24.5 million K. In total, ING funds wrote sales of more than 37.7 million CZK in the past week.

The SOB / KBC fund, which recorded the same sales of K 252.3 million, succeeded in certain sales, especially the Multi Cash fund groups, among which the KBC Multi Cash fund SOB CZK Kap with certain sales 125 sold the most. 6 million K.

Trading according to UNIS

Type of fundThe bestThe worst
Nzev fondAs a resultNzev fondAs a result
SharesPI farm a biotech.1,43%IKS Svtovch index-0,62%
PI globl. znaek0,56%PI rop. a energ.-0,09%
BondsISS-S korp. dluhop.0,06%PI sttnch bond-0,30%
IKS Plus bondov0,06%IKS Bonds-0,07%
Funds fundISS-GLOBALTREND0,34%
ICS Fund Fund-0,34%
Pennho MarketISS SPOROINVEST0,06%ivnobanka-Sporokonto0,03%
SOB entries0,05%PI penn0,01%
IKS Penn trh0,05%
SmenIKS Balancovan1,40%SOB Quantity combine.-0,13%
UNDER Kilov0,71%ISS-SPOROMIX 3-0,05%
UNDER stedoevropsk0,59%AKRO mezinrodn flexi.-0,03%
is sales of mil. KISS-SPOROINVEST244,0IKS Bonds-86,3
IKS Penn trh.149,5ISS-TRENDBOND-40,7
ISS-SPOROBOND38,2PI farm a biotech-4,3

Zdroj: UNIS

New “specialty” from HSBC

An interesting news was introduced last week by HSBC, which launched three new hedge funds on the market of hedge products. The specialty mentioned is Atlantick rstov fondwhich pi investovn v british libe nabz krom zajitn nvratu investovan stky 100% participation on the development of the FTSE 100 (Great Britain) and S&P 500 (USA) indexes, which are represented in the ratio of 50 – 50. Investments can thus exert a rather exceptional situation on the British capital market, which first allows the company to launch this product. In addition to the British pound, it is possible to invest in this fund in the US dollar, but here the participation in the performance index is only 65%.

The other funds on offer are our bonus fund and our bonus fund plus, which are based on the well-known principle of click performance. nsk bonus fund ensures the return on investment, the upper limit of appreciation is not limited. Income is calculated from five rays of 12.5% ​​bonus increased, or reduced by the weakest low performance in each year and subsequently locked. The severity of this method is clickable in the case of large fund returns in the case of large volatility market. It is only possible to invest in the US dollar.

The US bonus fund plus is denominated in US Dollars, British Pounds and Euros. The maximum appreciation is not limited, the minimum can be issued 9.15% in dollars, 12.65% in pounds and 7.35% in euros. The click is the same as for the previous fund and in the incoming bonus it is equal to the minimum guarantee in each currency. Both funds are based on the development of the FTSE / Xinhua China 25 development index. The duration of all funds is 5 years, the minimum investment is 5,000 currency units and the subscription period is on February 2, 2005.

Are you interested in HSBC’s offer? Do you think that funds in foreign currency are more interesting than those crowns, or is it the other way around? Dark on your nzory.

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