Dra vr now, cheaper after two years

If you want to get from a building society, you must choose the right tariff. Compared to the mortgage, the bag has the advantage of building savings in that it knows in advance how much the rate is all.

Ron’s rate ranges from t to five percent, learn it as soon as you sign the contract. In addition, you do not have to worry about two days in case of early repayment of the loan.

You will pay the so-called day after the two-year connection and at the same time you must have a pension of at least 30 and 50 percent of the tax. So you have to meet the condition of the so-called value salt. It takes into account how much you sweat regularly and how much you have saved. Simply put, you have spent more on your contracts for years, so your valuation is yours. Each savings bank has a slightly different methodology for determining this parameter.

When you need vr dv, you did not anticipate, go to the quick variant spoen. This, of course, if your building society offers it and can do it for you.

Speed ​​is at the cost of a lot
For faster variants, get two more, but sweat with the fact that you will meet for a short time after the other installments.

By choosing a slower variant, secure your installments and you will also have to win more in the evening. This is because the budget is so bad and you will be a creditworthy client for the savings bank. Only time, do not prove it will be significantly longer. And it is years.

You will need a safe
In order for the savings bank to drink, you will have to guarantee it. There is a deposit for it, ie the pension you have saved. In the event of a trip, you will need one or two guarantors. Piblin from half a million crowns require a savings collateral (house or apartment in personal ownership). Then I calm down a few million.

How much you need and how you will need it you can visit HERE

You can also get a pension in two
We know that you need a pension two, not a year in which it will arise, what now? Spoitelny offer the so-called infernal vr, k to him so in between. This is in comparison with the bottom of the dra dra. On the one hand, you have an annual rate, but mainly for years you can save money from the total of the loan, regardless of how much you saved. When you look at the picture, you will find that you pay years out of a total of 300,000, even if you have 100,000 in the contract.

The years are around six percent. The condition of hellish boiling is that first a certain number of people will come back, today all savings banks also offer gaps with zero down payment. You just have to pay the fees and the savings bank, you shouldn’t even have your own cash. The rate of the bag will be you piblin by a percentage.

How much will you pay
You do not pay anything for the processing of the working day, but you have to deal with the fee for keeping the work here. This is as high as the savings fee for most savings banks. So pay twice. In contrast to the standard heat, go to hell with the castle for processing, usually one percent of the rent.

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