Drink, beg the sprinklers of memory. Most news m Vranov nad Dyj

Not even a mile of astray can prove the first invitations. The first springs of the castle and zmk in the south of Moravia were prepared for it. Prepare concerts, new carpets, improved guide routes. Some sights are open, others start at the weekend.

a series of memory bags for April or May. Perhaps the most news is the hunt of Vranov nad Dyj. The people will be able to see the manor, it has been here since the end of the 18th century and until the First Republic.

“There is a large table and a Vranov stoneware set on it,” said Miroslava Jankov from Vranov’s confection. Two have also changed. “It simply came to our notice then. She has only been here since the First Republic and she used to have a swing for children. We have now given it the shape it had in the Baroque period, when even this space was excavated and the corals were bulging on it, ”Miroslav Jankov describes the novelty.


Keep one surprised in Vranov and on May 25th. On that day, visitors will see a hitherto unknown painting of a small, printer and later director of the Vranov stoneware factory, Josef Dorho.

It was painted in the middle of the 19th century and, in addition to confusion, it also captures the surrounding landscape. The Ministry of Culture bought it from a private collector.

Btovsk kitchenCastle

Prepare the period kitchen at Btov and present it to the public for the first time on July 1. “Let’s give it back the form it had before dark, not known to Baron Ji Haas in the kitchen,” said Jan Binder, Btovsk Kasteln. There will be a large fireplace, tiled stove and open fire.

Even the kitchen will not be forgotten. “Let’s make a reminder. For a certain period of time, meals have been prepared for not only for two hundred dogs, but also for the entire zoo, ”reminds casteln.

Militoc Persian rugs

In Milotice, the visitors will “stick” to the new Persian carpets. “We have ordered me, they are very nice and will be one hundred and twenty meters long,” said Miroslava Bokov.

For the first time there, music will be played for the first time. The kind that the Seilerns, who lived there and to the end the kind of worlds wolves, had. Strauss Wars, French Ansons and GlenMller.

The euro invaded zmk

Especially in the changes on the border with Austria, in Vranov and Valtice, the visitors buy the entrance fee for euros. “We introduced the entrance fee in euros last year and the visitors welcomed it. Especially Rakuan, who have a short distance to it and some do not even exchange the crown. There is no change in Vranov and we would have to send them to Znojmo. How many times did it happen that the whole bus paid in euros, ”to Miroslava Jankov from Vranov nad Dyj.

Vtina castle and zmk in the region of pat sttu, but for example zmk in Nesovice, Letovice, Boskovice and Jaroslavice u have private owners. Some let the public let them in, others don’t.

“Inspections at non-renewals,” said two Novice owner Tom Novotn.

The Austrian Sigurd Markus Hochfellner bought Jaroslavick zmek three years ago, but property disputes are pending about him and he also lost a lot of money. “Don’t go in a state where the public can be handled there,” said Robert Vala, the owner’s lawyer.

People can come to Boskovice and Letovice. “I will open it from May and the people will be able to see how the reconstruction continues,” said owner Bohumil Vaek.

Zmek in Jeviovice, although the top and was two stages, at least half a year the season will be closed. “Inenrsk st. We want to make it in the middle of the season, ”said Petr ule, director of the Moravian Museum in Brno, who manages the change.

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