Dubnov scoring dailo se akcim

Once every month, we evaluate Czech funds as they can navigate between the sky and the charitable investment between risk and return. Czech funds are evaluated in the broad competition of foreign funds. The best scoring in April was the fund, which manages equities and equity funds in its portfolios. On the contrary, bond funds and money market funds are gradually retreating from the sunshine of previous years.

What exactly is scoring? Let’s use this foreign language label for a comprehensive assessment of how this and that fund was implemented in the past. As a precaution, we use the contribution for the subordination of fees and the riskiness of the fund. The best funds with the highest return and the lowest risk we appreciate the five stars, the worst one star. The number of stars scoring in the scoring thus serves as a simple guide to how to assess the performance and riskiness of the fund. mm fund of more stars, thus in comparison with other funds the return and lower risk.

Scoring tracks relative, not absolute, performance and risk. Therefore, if one fund gained one star in April, it does not necessarily mean that it has a return or a lower risk compared to the previous period. It only means that its performance is relatively in competition with other funds and the risk is relatively lower than it was at the last assessment in January.

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Czech funds are rated in scoring in broad competition with foreign funds, while funds are rated in each category (stocks, bonds, exchange funds, mutual funds and money market funds). For example, if Czech money market funds have an average of 4 stars in January scoring, it means that compared to foreign funds of the same category they have a higher return and risk and it is therefore appropriate to invest in them.

As you have been developing since the last evaluation, the number of stars has not decreased. The star has lost that fund, on the contrary, those funds have stuck by one star. Thanks to our ratings, three funds dropped out of our rating: AKRO Bonds, AKRO Czech, AKRO Deposits and AKRO International Equities, which merged into the AKRO Internationally Flexible Fund (two internationally balanced). The merged fund AKRO is proof of the gradual stabilization of the domestic market of mutual funds, only long-term investment companies with strong retail support from banks can support it. Let’s take a look at the funds in each category.

Fondy pennho market

Money market fundsThey can’t take it from high years of rates or from speculation on their given decline, which inevitably erupted in their performance. The average estimated performance in this category is 0.8%. Compared to the previous scoring, two funds, ISS Sporoinvest (now tyi) and ivnobanka Sporokonto (now ti), lost one star. I still offer average scoring in this category of above-average stars.

Dbond funds

Bond funds they currently have a similar performance as money market funds, where the average performance of bond funds is currently 1.5%. ISS Sporobond, which has spent about three percent in the last year, is doing best. Very sunny performance in recent months has helped to win one star of the IKS Plus bond fund (now the three stars).

Smen fondy

In the light of stagnant and even declining fund performance in this category, it is not surprising that the current investor turns to shifts and equity funds. Average performance smench fond and more than 10%, the IKS fund balanced by the most resources, namely by 36% of the sun. No wonder this performance was reflected in the finger of one star (now tyi). The ISS fund zench vnos (now five stars) also stuck, while the SOB bond mix fund lost one star and only one star.

Akciov funds

The rise in stock prices in recent months has been reflected primarily in high performance equity fund. Their average annual performance is 27%, and the ISS-SPOROTREND fund performed best in the last year with a four-year return of 55%. No wonder, in April, this fund won the highest mon scoring of five stars (formerly tyi).

Fondy fond

In the last category, let’s not evaluate it as the SOB equity fund, which has moved among the equity funds with the composition of its portfolio. This extended his investment horizon from three to five years, so we can’t evaluate it with scoring yet. The remaining two funds of the fund retained their previously rated, their average performance in 29%.

Scoring duben 2004
Money market funds
P Invest Money Market Fund*****
IKS Penn trh****
Bond funds
IKS Bonds****
P Invest Sttnch bond fund****
IKS Plus bondov***
P Invest Corporate Bond Fund**
Smen fondy
ISS-OPF entries*****
ISS-Fond zench vnos*****
J&T Opportunity CZK (PERSPEKTIVA-S)****
IKS Globln****
IKS Balancovan****
ISS-Sporomix 3***
ISS-Sporomix 5***
UNDER stedoevropsk***
SOB fond stability***
AKRO mezinrodn flexibiln**
ivnobanka dynamick fond (dve Pioneer Trust)**
SOB bond mix*
Equity funds
P Invest Fond globlnch znaek****
Funds fund
ICS fund fund**

data are not available, for one of the following reasons: a) the fund did not have a long history of scoring in the past, b) the fund is newly launched on the Fincentrum website

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Compare funds by scoring meteo in Interactive vbru, if you select a fund category and check Scoring in kritrich. In addition to the overall scoring, we also mention some kind of subscoring in both long components of input and risk. Simply find out if a fund’s high scoring is due to high returns or low risk.

A detailed description of the scoring point can be found in the sample section here.

If you don’t know, emu is scoring and emu is not, ask yourself Scoring stars don’t just fall from the sky.

Do you think that the shifts and equity funds will maintain their performance throughout the year? According to Vs funds, does the fund make sense? Drink us your nzor!

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