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The markets have had a volatile week behind them, which only confirms that investors under the market have no courage in American stocks and like to invest in stocks in emerging markets. The fact that the R is one of these countries was also clear from the trading on the Prague Stock Exchange, which again broke historical records. Funds also took their well-deserved resources, even though it was below average in performance.

After free Monday, US shares went down sharply, supporting, in addition to the adverse effects of the rising price of oil, which again exceeded the $ 50 per barrel mark. Right in the middle, however, investors supported the good data on the state of inflation and the markets thus went up, although the decline in the semi-conductor sector did not help the Nasdaq technology index much.

The second half of the week was then carried in the sign of growth. All markets grew, supported by good macro data. The rising price of oil did not bother growth either, so the indices were able to erase losses from the first half of the trading week and end up in black earnings (DJIA +0,52 %, Nasdaq +0,34 %, S&P 500 +0,83 %).

The stock market gave me a famous week. Both main indices again exceeded their historical highs. The Milk Exchange recorded a record in the daily trading volume, with a total of CZK 4.019 billion in trading shares, which is the second largest volume in history. This testifies to the enormous interest of the investor.

The biggest drivers among emissions in the segment SPAD were the shares of EZ and Unipetrol. EZ posted a weekly rate of 6% and fell just below 420 K per share, the clearest highest growth (+ 21.5%) was recorded by petrochemical Unipetrol, which during the week reached and above the price of 180 K. The decline was recorded by the Czech Telecom, Orco’s newcomer (-0.5%) also wrote a slight correction of privatization and a slight weekly correction. Overall, the week was very positive for Czech shares (PX-D +3,75 %, PX 50 +3,6 %).

Although the Czech shares broke records, the same is true of the performance of domestic funds

Investin kluby – past na dviv? tte

Sun The best results were both funds, which ended the week with a decrease of more than 2% (ISS Globaltrend -2,09 %, ICS Fund Fund -2.39%). The dog of two percent in the mnus got to go stock IKS Svtovch index (-2.05%). The stock fund did not do so ISS Eurotrend (-1.48%), on the other hand, the fund ended up the best of equity funds PI Ropnho a energetickho prmyslu (+1,09 %).

There were no fund shifts, among which the most fund with questionable performance appeared. The best performers were the Amslico foreign growth funds (-1.50%), SOB Kvanto kombinovani (-1.41%) and Pioneer – dynamick (-1.13%). Among the shifts of funds are the bags with the funds with the highest weekly performance, namely IKS Balancovan (+1,57 %), UNDER Stedoevropsk (+ 1.36%), or PI Smen (+1,29 %).

Unlike performance, domc funds can again boast of the same sales. Together, the Union Investinch Company (UNIS) funded 788.5 million K per week. Most investors preferred money market funds. A total of 464.1 million CZK flowed into them, of which the funds contributed the most ISS Sporoinvest (241,8 mil. K) a IKS Penn trh (+215.7 thousand.K).

Shift funds maintained their time, investors invested a total of K 155.5 million in them, most in the SOB Central European Fund (+ K83.2 million). Thus, bond funds are popular, recording some sales in the amount of 91.7 million K. The largest income went to two funds of the ISS company, Sporobond (72,1 mil. K) a Trendbond (+14.0 million K). Equity funds could not be ashamed either. In these, sales prevailed over buyouts by K 71.8 million, and the fund was the largest ISS Sporotrend (+73.0 thousand. K).

Trading according to UNIS

Type of fundThe bestThe worst
Nzev fondAs a resultNzev fondAs a result
SharesPI rop. a energ1,09%IKS Svtovch index-2,05%
PI farm. a biotech.0,89%PI Nov economy.-0,74%
BondsIKS Plus bondov0,48%ISS-BONDINVEST-0,42%
ISS-TRENDBOND0,33%IKS Bonds-0,36%
AMSLICO stredoeurp.0,09%ISS-SPOROBOND-0,26%
Funds fundISS-GLOBALTREND-2,09%
ICS Fund Fund-2,39%
Pennho MarketPI Pennho Market0,05%IKS Penn trh-0,06%
SOB Entries0,04%Pioneer – Sporokonto0,03%
SmenIKS Balancovan1,57%AMSLICO foreign growth-1,50%
UNDER Stedoevropsk1,36%SOB Quantity combined-1,41%
PI Smen1,29%Pioneer-dynamick-1,13%
is sales of mil. KISS-SPOROINVEST241,8Pioneer-dynamick-7,9
IKS Penn trh215,7IKS Svtovch index-5,2
UNDER Stedoevropsk83,2ICS Fund Fund-4,9

Zdroj: UNIS

The ING and KBC / SOB funds were successful in the same sales. The KBC / SOB fund was successful, with a fortune of CZK 521.8 million in one week, which was helped the most by the KBC Multi Cash SOB SKK money market fund. with net sales of 162.5 million K. ING’s funds recorded net sales of 78.7 million K.

Do you think that this year the funds will repeat the rushes from last year, or will their performance be mountains? Dark on your nzory.

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