ei kupuj levn domy v bval NDR

The strong koruna and falling real estate prices in the former entrance Germany have made them all clients of Saxon real estate agencies. even if they slowly start to discover the real estate here, their price is even fifty percent less than just a kilometer outside the border.

For the number of numbers beyond the borders can only be found in plates, the number of bags will increase.

“Let’s take a look at those who bought real estate here and grown up here,” said Ivana Dudkov from Sparkasse Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien in Germany.

These are people who do not buy a house abroad necessarily for housing, but for example only as an investment or for recreation. One of them, for example, is actually a small house. But don’t want to talk about your investments.

“Some of them didn’t go to bed that we live in Germany beyond the borders, and they take it as a betrayal,” said Jana.

Even real estate agencies in the border confirm that they ask after living in Saxony. And buy and buy. “Don’t even ask about real estate,” said Joanna Schulzensohn of real estate agency Immobilienbewertung Schulzensohn.

Property prices are falling due to depopulation

For are houses and flats in the Saxon border so cheap compared to the Czech Republic? The reason is more. However, this is mainly due to the poor state of the German economy and high unemployment, which, for example, reaches twenty percent.

That is why many people fled from the former GDR to the western federal states. And they left houses and apartments free. Moreover, in the Czech Republic, real estate prices have risen rapidly in recent years and the koruna has strengthened.

Cheap real estate is not just about Saxony. According to the correspondent of the Czech Radio in Germany, South Hoka, a 100-meter apartment in the German capital can be obtained for around 110 thousand euros. This is not an inhabited area. “There’s a huge supply of flats,” Hoek explains.

According to Hedvika Zimmermann, the editor of the heroic diaconate of the Hussite Church with a German husband, she also lives in Germany.

“For example, energy prices are significantly higher than in the US. On the other hand, there are also a number of food items that are cheaper in Germany, ”added Zimmermann.

MF DNES recently found that a number of staple foods due to the weak euro are less in the Czech Republic. Lacinj is, for example, bottles of snails. In addition, they cannot work freely in Germany, they must give permission. Or go to work in the Czech Republic, which is in the case of itava and Hrdka nad Nisou only a kilometer away.

But buying a house in Germany is difficult for those who want to take a mortgage on it. “It’s up to the Czech bank, but it is necessary to cancel the Czech real estate,” said Lubo Tvrznk.

According to Ivana Dudkov, they should also get a mortgage on German real estate directly from a German bank, but they have to laugh at the fact that its application will be slower.

East Germany don’t just live in ei. For example, Poles start to inhabit the German border, especially in the north. The reason is the same: favorable prices for housing. Similarly, for example, due to prices, the inhabitants of Bratislava move to Hungary.

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