Employees are frustrated. What to do to keep them from running away from work?

Record low unemployment complicates the lives of companies and employees. Companies cannot find new people, so they often distribute work unevenly out of emergency. One hunter at a time sets up activities for two. No wonder it’s overworked over time.

I started working with gusto. I work in marketing, so I reckoned with the fact that I can’t avoid passports. She enjoyed my work and swam, but suddenly I sat in the office for ten hours every day. After work, I didn’t even have time for meetings with friends, then for any cultural or sports activities, recalls marketing specialist Monika.

She did not find an imaginary mother-in-law even at a sufficient salary. It was also unpleasant for me that I seldom received positive feedback, in short I felt that in the end no one would appreciate my work. I was completely exhausted after two years, the young woman described.

According to a recent ComPsych survey, 59% of employees experience a high level of stress at work, which is associated with submissiveness, extreme stress and inability to concentrate. Aunt of workers in permanent but manageable stress. Only 6% of people are under low stress. The biggest cause of stress is work, so the problems among people at work and the feeling of being deprived of personal life.

Stress is eroded in employee productivity. The survey shows that more than a third of employees lose due to stress and an hour a day from efficiency in terms of working hours. In the long run, no more than half of employees lose one and two days, 31% six days.

How to deal with stress?

Anxiety, exhaustion, sometimes and expulsion syndrome can be avoided, according to Mark Balie, KPMG’s Head of Personnel. The employee should set realistic tariffs that can be set in a day. According to him, he should follow his own, it is for you a walk or a family with others, for others to go for fun, the advice of Marek Bali, according to whom companies should definitely not miss the frustration of employees.

Every bird should be weighed, recommended and evaluated by the employee. It is necessary to create a darkness, where cooperation and eventual substitutability is not only freeze.

According to Gabriela Kodenkov from Talentica, it should relieve stress of stress by defining their exact roles and responsibilities. They only have job responsibilities that correspond to their abilities and resources.

An important step on the part of the employer is to ensure that communication works on all levels of the company. It is advisable to set the staff clearly full for the development of career, which will be suitable to motivate them. Last but not least, employers can help their employees develop a working and family life, for example thanks to flexible working hours, to Gabriela Kodenkov.

So Hays personal company advises companies on how to reduce the risk of their employees being expelled from the syndrome. She wrote some recommendations:

  • Sweat is quality, not the number of hours worked. Let employees know that the result is important, not their physical or virtual presence.
  • Evaluate the passages – if they are abnormally high, you need to take more flax into the dark, even if it can be tk during the day. But it is better to look for one not completely dark. Make sure that employees who work flexibly take a holiday regularly.
  • Review the corporate culture: it should support the physical and mental health of employees.
  • You invite the policy regarding this and send an e-mail outside normal business hours. For example, Volkswagen has set up its servers so that employees do not receive e-mails outside working hours. In France, companies with more than 50 employees have to draw up an agreement, including working hours, during which people do not have to send or reply to e-mails.
  • Train your line managers and make them recognize the signs of stress and expulsion in their darkness.

You pay or rather benefits

And what about you wages – wouldn’t they help? Unemployment is falling and the number of vacancies is rising, so wage growth can be expected. However, not all companies can receive day-to-day rewards. As a result, you only work two and one city in the dark for a long time. But the work is under for you, warns Marek Bali.

And here we are again: employees are frustrated, tired, they leave work, the company is forced to reduce production or refuse new orders. A certain possibility is to cover the shortage of employees through innovation and the use of new technologies, concluded Bali from KPMG.

Other experts, in turn, recommend raising the mood of trained employees with interesting benefits. The people often heard more about them for a salary. According to experts, the main system of flexible benefit selection is popular. So each hunter chooses what suits him. One course of yoga, the other is to buy vitamins, the aunt goes to the theater with a birthday. In addition to tangible benefits, flexible working hours and the associated work-life balance are all the more important.

For example, our company also offers consultations with a psychologist, in case of overtime in the form of overtime hours in the form of compensatory leave, which allows them to regenerate and last more time with close ones, adds Bali from KPMG.

In addition to contributions to cultural and sports activities, meals, free drinks and free allowances are currently subsidized. In a number of companies, offer relocation packages, free delivery fees and free bus deliveries. In these benefits, we see meziron nejvt nrst, to Grafton manager Kamil Pittner.

The novelty is the free day off, so that employees have the opportunity to complete the necessary formalities in the first hours. In administrative operations, you can offer meat on the job or courses in healthy sessions. Representatives of the younger generation will appreciate the price you paid for a holiday, a small shower or praise in front of the whole team.

In order for our people to be satisfied with their work, we dream of securing the most interesting work for them, the cases on which they can work. We pay attention to fast career growth. Last year, a quarter of our colleagues were appointed to us. This is how we work in an environment for which we won the award in the Office of the Year 2017 competition, with very affordable means we strive to maintain and develop a friendly and informal working atmosphere, kDaniel Soukup, HR Director of Law Office Havel, Holsek & Partners.

At Europ Assistance, they try to avoid being dealt with by regular questionnaires of satisfaction and feedback on their work, educational program, interesting benefits and individual approach.

For our employees there is a relaxation room, fruit and other themed days, free work, a gym in the building, days off over the final limit and many other bonuses, named Jana Volkov.

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