esk au-pair uv britnii neet, nahrv jim siln koruna

etit at home? Nonsense, today an esk au-pair who take care of children in the UK. The koruna does not break records only in the euro and the US dollar, but it has also dramatically strengthened the British interest, and I know the breeding Czech working youth.

In less than a year, the value of the pound fell by more than ten crowns. While in 2005 one pound cost 45 crowns, the public afternoon exchange rate was 31.83 crowns.

This change in the ratio has caused closed consumers in the UK to be indistinguishable from the local population.

“Thanks to our day, it’s convenient for us to shop here and take the electronics, character clothing and home equipment with them,” says Michaela Bednov, who, together with his friend, takes care of the two-star children not far from London.

According to their words, the box is afraid that one day they will want to come back, they will not bring the house to England. They were driven to the islands by the vision of large pensions earned for life in the Czech Republic.

“Let us think that we would spend our pensions on some nice holidays. It is also cheaper from England, ”to Bednov.

It is not worth transporting pensions to ech
Similarly, other Czechs in the United Kingdom. “No, it’s not worth it. At the moment when you can buy an equipped laptop here for ten thousand crowns, I don’t have to pay the price of the pension to them, ”confirms Veronika Stehlkov, who works as an au-pair in Eastbourne, China.

Electronics and clothing have always been slightly cheaper in the UK, but with a strong crown in the walls, there is an increase in the number of people who come to arrest them or send them to their family.

ei si uvat
Not only electronics, but also food prices and drinks are close so that compatriots do not hesitate to consider themselves in English restaurants and “pubs”. Dog strengthening the crown will still find people who want to bring a pension home.

Jana Vilmkov has been working north of London as an au pair for several years. Her vision was to go to the dm in England. “The value of a pound is really net. In lt 2007 I changed it for 42 and in March 2008 for only 32 crowns. Ten crowns for those quarters of the year is really a lot, “to Jana.

But she is an optimist herself and dreams of looking for good things in it. “I am glad that the pound is still the strongest by me. What about a dollar, it must be non mra, ”adds.

Msto eten cestovn
This is also confirmed by Kateina, a 22-year-old who takes care of one household in Florida, USA. Originally, she went there with a friend after her house to go to the apartment, but the weak dollar ruined theirs. In the end, they decided that they would rather travel to America and take care of housing later on for their pensions.

Representatives of intermediary agencies are also changing the trend. “With the entry into the Union and the strengthening of the crown, the popularity of the au-pair program has changed. Due to declining costs, the interest in study stays is growing, ”says Iva Svobodov, Marketing Director of the Student Agency.

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